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1972 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus

Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus - 1972 - Picture 12LJ908033036416
Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 12LJ908033036416Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 12LJ908033036415Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 12LJ908033036417Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 12LJ908033036418Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 12LJ908033036419Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 12LJ908033036421Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 12LJ908033036422Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 12LJ908033036423Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 12LJ908033036425

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About This 1972 Plymouth Satellite

Posted: 20 Dec 2012

This car was originally owned by an older lady in Vancouver, Wa. and spent most of its younger life as the family car. Later in life, it was purchased by a younger gentleman who, because of military commitments, was not able to spend much time with it, so it spent most of it's time in the driveway under a tarp.

It was three years ago when I found it in that driveway, and it found a new home. The original intent was to rebuild the motor, throw some paint on it and play. Things didn't quite go as first planned. When I started to sand the paint, I realized the body was in outstanding shape. the floor pans were not rusted, nor was the trunk. I kept sanding and finally the car was to bare metal. By now, the car was completely stripped and on a rotisserie. The 40 year old undercoat was removed and the bottom was sanded as well. The car was then relocated to Osoyoos, Canada, into JF Kustoms, an award winning car builder for the next stage. The car was sand blasted inside and out, top and bottom, then sanded again. All body work was completed at JF Kustoms. The car originally had chrome strips on the sides which had been removed sometime in the past and the holes filled. The driver's door had a small crease I didn't care for so the door was replaced with another '72 satellite door. The original door is still intact with the door tag. The side marker lights were removed and the holes closed. On the bottom, contour welded subframe connectors were added. In the engine bay, all seams were welded and smoothed, all body panel bolts hand polished. The wiring harness was completely re-done into original firewall plugs, however the stock version tended to overheat at the headlight, battery, and wiper contacts. This was corrected. The rest of the engine bay wiring was consolidated and neatly ran in 1 bundle from the firewall plug around to the radiator mount where the MSD 6AL is mounted. The stock ignition system was deleted. The original voltage regulator charging system was maintained due to its reliability and moved to where the 6AL is mounted. This removed the clutter from the firewall behind the engine.

The original 318 was gone and was replaced with a 400. Most 400's weren't good for much except a short run of the 400 block which had extra reinforcement built into the mains. When I tore down the motor and discovered this was indeed one of those blocks, I decided to have a little fun with it. I enlisted the aid of Bob from Precision Automotive to assist with the motor build. The motor which began as a 400 became a 512cu stroker with an Edelbrock 800, sitting on top of the original dual plane aluminum mopar intake through aluminum heads and out of a set of Hooker Super Comps, past the Flow Masters and finally a custom built 3" exhaust with an o2 bung added for tuning. The engine driven fuel pump, all the fuel lines, and the wheel well mounted vapor cannister were deleted. Instead, an Aeromotive electric and 5/16 sectional steel fuel lines were added. The front drum brakes have been upgraded to disc brakes. The transmission ( Torqueflite 727) was built by TCI. The original drive shaft was removed and a new reinforced driveshaft was added. The rear end is a 8 3/4 Sure Grip. The leaf springs, pinion snubber, sway bar, and air shocks all were discarded. in their place is a Cal Trax split moneleaf system with traction bars and Rancho adjustable shocks.

The interior is mostly original. the front seat covers, are from legendary. the headliner was replaced as well. the dash pad is original not a cap. the rallye gauges are original and have been rebuilt. Original car mileage is 45,000. Current mileage is 2500 since project completion. The instrument panel and passenger side dash inset panel colored same as charcoal trim color of car. The intent was to not change certain parts of the car so as not to remove all history of the car. Most of the interior and the red, white, blue grill emblem are original and have not been altered. Before paint prep began, The entire car was reassembled. All of the gaps between the panels, hood, doors and trunk were made the same. The exterior is painted with a base / clear. Hemi Orange is the base. The original formula was used. Don't think it can be bought in The States anymore (?), however, this build was done in Canada. The trim color is a charcoal with silver stripes. The motor has been painted to match. the strobe stripe color scheme starts with longer blocks getting shorter as they get closer to the rear and the angle of tilt changes as they get closer to the rear. The charcoal has been hand rubbed and resembles brushed aluminum under clear coat.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: Orange
Interior Color: Black
Engine: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Miles Driven: 40,000

Source: woodwj008

Oroville, Washington, U.S.A.
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