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1966 Shelby GT 350 Fastback

Shelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Picture 11FSA180514690AA
Shelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690AAShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690ABShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690ACShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690ADShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690AEShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690AFShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690AGShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690AHShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690AIShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690AJShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690AKShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690ALShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690AMShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690ANShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690AOShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690APShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690AQShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690ARShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690ASShelby GT 350 Fastback - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 11FSA180514690AT

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About This 1966 Shelby GT 350

Posted: 29 Jun 2011

From Seller:

Fully documented 1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Fastback Coupe. We have the original owners manual, invoice, window sticker, and a current verification sheet from Shelby American. This car has been signed by Mr. Carroll Shelby as well.This is chassis no. 6S2372 ordered in black with the rear fold-down seat. The Shelby Serial # is SFM6S2372. This is a rare opportunity to own an authentic 1966 Shelby G.T. 350 Mustang still equipped with its 306 horsepower 289 hi-performance engine & 4 speed close-ratio manual transmission. This was a big step up from the 'K' code's horsepower rating of 271 horsepower.

The Shelby Identification plate is affixed in place. The Shelby cars were assigned their own specific numbers. The Shelby serial number matches the Ford serial number as verified by the Shelby American Automobile Club's (SAAC) Shelby American factory records.

This car was originally delivered to Jack Loftus Ford in Hinsdale, Illinois. It shipped out in June, 1966. The original window sticker details the factory and Shelby American specific options this Shelby Mustang was ordered with. The new price was a substantial $4,537.25 including $39.25 transportation charges. A 'new' 1966 Fastback Mustang without the Shelby G.T. 350 package was just over $2600.

Many of our photos of this 2+2 GT350 were taken at the historic Dallas Love Field Frontiers of Flight Museum, located only minutes from our showroom.

Shelby American provided GT350 buyers with their own specific owner's manual as a supplement to the standard Ford Mustang manual.

The High Performance 289 engine has been rebuilt to its correct Shelby specfications. The engine has not been overbored. New pistons and gaskets were installed at the time of the rebuild. Further inspection of the engine compartment will confirm the high performance aluminum intake and Holley 715 cfm carburetor, also rebuilt. The firewall, inner fenders, and core support are beautifully detailed. This car was meticulously restored and it shines throughout the build.

Note the holes on the rear inner fenders. These were for special cooling ducts to feed cool air directly to the rear brakes.

This car was completely disassembled to bare metal. We have an album chronologically detailing the restoration with over 700 photos.

This amazing Shelby Mustang showcases a professional nut & bolt rotisserie restoration. We have over 700 photos of the restoration process from start to finish, with some examples shown above.

This spartan interior features Shelby optioned Competition seat belts along with the correctly affixed tachometer mounted at the ready on the dash.

1966 Mustang received a revised instrument cluster. Ford's optional deluxe steering wheel was standard in the Shelby Mustang with a G.T. 350 logo in the center.

This Shelby is also optioned with the fold-down rear seat. Unlike the 1965 models, versitile rear seat equipped versions could not only compete at the race track, but carry your family on the street.

The 1966 Mustang was far removed from the Mustang's humble introduction in 1964. 1966 would be the last year of the original Mustang fastback, although sales of the fastback were down 50% from 1965. The 1966 Fastback Mustang's alone are sought after by collectors and entusiasts alike. The top optioned 260 cubic inch V8 was replaced with the 2bbl 289 and two optional 4bbl. equipped 289s. Shelby continued to massage his G.T. 350 package with improved horsepower, functional asthetics, and suspension upgrades. The G.T. 350s dominated the race tracks through 1965 into 1966. In 1966, Shelby American built a total of 2378 G.T. 350s. New color choices were also offered in 1966. This high performance Mustang was ordered in Raven Black with Shelby Rocker Panel stripes.

Functional air scoops were added to the '66 model G.T. 350's to improve brake cooling with special duct work feeding the brakes fast moving air.

C-Pillar sail panels were removed and replaced with triagular windows, another Shelby styling signature introduced in 1966.

The 1966 Shelby Mustang's used fiberglass scooped hoods for the majority of the G.T. 350s. Latter production '66 Shelby's were fitted with these near identical steel hoods due to customer quality complaints.

The undercarriage has been meticulously restored from bare metal on a rotisserie. The flooring has been coated in the correct red oxide primer.

Standard wheels on the latter cars were the painted 14-inch steel wheels with the 10-spoke aluminum Shelby wheels as options. This car rides on the Magnum 500 wheels with the original 5-spoke wheels still available for the car (see above.) The current tires are B.F. Goodrich Radial T/As sized at P205/70s with the optional 5-spoke wheels fitted with these vintage Goodyear Blue Stream tires sized at 6.95-14s.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: black
Interior Color: black
Engine: 8
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 83,209

Source: Texas Classic Cars of Dallas

Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.
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