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1972 Datsun 240Z Custom

Datsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Picture 11CRF175416839AA
Datsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839AADatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839ABDatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839ACDatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839ADDatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839AEDatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839AFDatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839AGDatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839AHDatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839AIDatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839AJDatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839AKDatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839ALDatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839AMDatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839ANDatsun 240Z Custom - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 11CRF175416839AO

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About This 1972 Datsun 240Z

Posted: 28 Mar 2011

Die-hard 240Z fan builds what could be the greatest example on the planet. Hold on to your jaw and check out this incredible custom Z.

From Seller:

This is the best I could do. I've owned 14 Datsun 240Zs over the years, and this one is my dream Z. It's a no-expense-spared, best interpretation of what a classic Z can be. I wanted to honor the 240Z for all that it is, while bringing its performance up to date. I didn't want to cram an engine in the car that doesn't have the same priorities and personality as the original. I didn't want to put flares on the fenders or do anything else that wasn't true to the car. I didn't even want to modify the interior at all. BUT, I did want to make it perfect. Totally, undeniably perfect. I believe I did just that. Once the 3 year process of perfecting the unibody and interior was complete, we set to work on the modern performance aspects. After a total of four years and countless dollars, I had built what many people worldwide have deemed to be the #1 240Z in existence.

It all started when, after owning 13 other Z cars, I decided to dedicate every dollar necessary to creating the best Z on the planet. Now, we all have our opinions on this, but this one has been developed with honor to the Z, changing nothing at all (other than cleaning up the bumpers) that wasn't necessary to improve performance. I wanted a rare color, and one that would be timeless too. The 'Lime' color was the obvious choice. Plus, my uncle, who died in a plane crash owned a lime Z. Decision made. However, it took me almost two years to find a donor vehicle worthy of my plans. I was patient, and found an all original car that was in great shape and still daily driven. I bought it and had it shipped from San Francisco to North Carolina.

It was a nice car, and I was happy. I took it then to Miller Brothers Hot Rod Barn in North Wilkesboro. These guys are extremely capable, and specialize in '55-'57 Chevrolets that often bring more than $250,000 at national auctions.They quickly started disassembly to confirm that I had indeed found a very nice car to start this project with. That's exactly what they found.

The entire shell was literally made perfect, as was proven by lasers, magnets, and all other kinds of elite resto wizardry.

Then the body was sprayed, the paint made like glass, and the car reassembled with ALL new-old-stock, OEM parts, or fully restored parts. Every part, down to each and every bolt.

I'm going to simply welcome you to see the hundreds of pictures of the restoration on my website. You can click here to go straight to the image gallery.

Then it came time to get the drivetrain built and in the car. Everything was fully custom done by National Speed, Inc (Click HERE to go to their website - they are amazing). Here's a full list of all that was done.

The undercarriage of the car is simply ridiculous. It's perfect. Notice all the custom fully adjustable pieces. Notice how the exhaust was custom made to snug up against the bottom of the car as far as possible, which required countless bends and welds, all of which are perfect, by the way. Not only is the suspension totally adjustable and top-shelf, so are the brakes. They are all now FIVE lug hubs with Wilwood disc brakes, which include monoblock calipers that clamp down on the huge front rotors with SIX pistons. Inside the interior, the only hint of the performance capabilities of the car is the well-integrated Wilwood brake proportioning valve in the center console.

Everything on the car is perfect.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: yellow
Interior Color: black
Engine: turbocharged SR20DET
Transmission: manual
Horsepower: 434 rear-wheel horsepower
Miles Driven: 1,000 on resto-mod

Source: resortpropertyinvestments

Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
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