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1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone

Mercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Picture 11BGE510102635AA
Mercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635AAMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635ABMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635ACMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635ADMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635AEMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635AFMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635AGMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635AHMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635AIMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635AJMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635AKMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635ALMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635AMMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635ANMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635AOMercury Comet Cyclone - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 11BGE510102635AP

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About This 1965 Mercury Comet

Posted: 17 Feb 2011

From Seller:

This beautiful '65 Comet Cyclone 2 door hardtop is a testament to man and machine. Extensive work and care has been taken to build this one of a kind Restorod. It starts with a 427 SOHC single overhead cammer motor that might be more impressive than the rest of the car. The 427 SOHC Cammer motors were built by Ford exclusively for NASCAR. It is my understanding that these engines dominated NASCAR 2 years later. As far as I know Ford did not put any of these powerhouses in any production cars. They were only available over the counter. The 4 barrel version had 617 HP and the 2x4 version had 657 HP. As you can see by the photos the engine compartment has to be modified in order to install this engine. The original shock towers were removed and the front suspension replaced by a Mustang II rack and pinion in order to make the engine compartment large enough.

The resto-rod started with a nice solid '65 Comet. This car came from California where it was built. I don't know if the car started life there but it sure looks like it. The floors are solid and original. The car has power steering and an automatic transmission so anyone would be able to drive it with ease. The car does have 4 wheel disc brakes but they are not power.

The interior is very nicely done with leather seats and wool carpet. Even the trunk is finished off nicely with a CD disc changer and kill switch. All the gauges and rally pack work. A lot of time, money, and care went in to the creation of this awesome street machine. You don't have to wait and deal with all the frustration to build one. It can be sitting in your garage tomorrow ready for your enjoyment for either show or go. It’s a real show stopper and it runs on premium. It’s a labor of love.

Please note the engine in this car is an original 427 Cammer built by Ford back in the 60's. It is not a reproduction. The heads are steel. A magnet sticks to both the heads and block. The reproductions are aluminum. The casting number on the side of the block is C5AE-H. Other numbers that are on the front of the block on the driver side are OEC-7-472 just under that is 8-271.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: blue
Interior Color: gray
Engine: 8
Transmission: auto
Miles Driven: 1,105

Source: drmjk58

Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.
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