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1968 Plymouth GTX 440

Plymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Picture 10GIB024527214AA
Plymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214AAPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214ABPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214ACPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214ADPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214AEPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214AFPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214AGPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214AHPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214AIPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214AJPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214AKPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214ALPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214AMPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214ANPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214AOPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214APPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214AQPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214ARPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214ASPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214ATPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214AUPlymouth GTX 440 - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 10GIB024527214AV

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About This 1968 Plymouth GTX

Posted: 19 Jul 2010

Meticulously restored 1968 Plymouth GTX with very few miles since the paint dried. Just look at all the little details, like the aluminum differential lube tag on the diff drain plug. Well done!

From Seller:

Plymouth's executive express--the GTX. The Road Runner's better looking and better equipped brother and the Fury's smaller cousin had both the looks and the power to carry you in comfort and tear up the quarter mile. You want to find one just like this, with all original, clean sheetmetal and the original 440 and four speed combo.

Documents first. We have a binder full of photocopies of the original paperwork. Yes, this struck us as odd, as well, but we were told the originals were lost to theft. The original fender tag is in place, and there are so few options on the car that there simply isn't much to verify, anyway. Of the copies, we have the broadcast sheet, Certicard, bill of sale, window sticker and the fender tag. We also have the salesman's worksheet (buyer's proposal) he filled out with the customer, warranty information, and even a 1 cent PAL bubble gum wrapper that was left in the interior on assembly day in late 1967! Line workers were notorious for using new cars as trash cans, since cars built in this era were designed to last three to five years. Original owner Don Pankratz took delivery on January 3, 1968, from local dealer Southtown Chrysler-Plymouth in Bloomington, MN, nearly three months after ordering the car. The buyer's proposal shows he was thinking of trading his '63 Impala SS towards it, but the bill of sale shows an all-cash deal. Don wanted plain black wheels, but since cars with standard dish.. caps came equipped with body color wheels, the car shipped from St. Louis with deluxe, full wheel covers. We have copies of early photos of the car sans any cap, so it looks like the dealer kept the covers--there's no mention of them on the bill of sale.

Under the hood is the original, highly detailed and numbers matching engine. Cooling duties are handled by the original 047 radiator with correct cap. Spark gets carried through a date code correct wireset from the proper dual point distributor, proper coil and bracket (equipped with the correct radio suppression condenser.) Fuel's mixed by the original 4428S carburetor, fed by new stainless lines. New brake lines run from a new master cylinder, kept company by correct components hung by original hardware on the firewall. A proper alternator (with its 'heart' shaped diode pack,) new starter and rebuilt 2 speed wiper motor are in place. The car runs great and sounds better thanks to the Accurate Exhaust Systems pipes and mufflers underneath.

The original fender tag is in place, with the build sheet copy tying the tag to the body. Options were few, which meant Don must have known the value of the 440 Super Commando engine that came standard, and wasn't concerned with Plymouth's deep order sheet. Now, most GTX's did get loaded up, so this one's a bit special. The four speed manual was standard, but Mopar tacked on $138.90 for the Sure-Grip in the Dana 60 axle. $61.55 bought an AM radio while $14.05 more payed for a rear speaker and dash mounted fader control. All of the windows are tinted glass for a mere $39.50, gratis redline tires graced the rims and $16.10 worth of undercoating and hood insulation kept road damage to a minimum. The dealer kept the $21.30 hubcaps, while the $71 drive from St. Louis was the second most expensive line on the sticker!

Outside the car's a stunner. Correct headlamps ride in an excellently restored grille up front. Sparse trim graces the exterior, but all stainless pieces are in excellent, fully polished condition. G70x14 Firestone redlines run in place of the standard F70's, giving the car a much-needed extra footprint. Reproduction rocker moldings and wheel lip moldings are at the sides along with the striking white stripes. The trunklid sports one of the nicest '68 GTX tail panels I've ever seen, with perfect chrome and excellent argent paint. New door handles, a new driver side mirror, re-chromed vent window frames and excellent bumpers finish the chrome. Original side glass is joined by a new windshield. The paint is excellent, with great shine and flat panels. The wheels are now painted green to match the body and are joined by a great set of dish.. hubcaps to complete the low-key look.

Inside, there's much to like. A mint, original dash pad sits on a properly textured dash finish. An excellent heater console, a restored switch panel, gorgeous dash bezels and dash facing pads MUCH nicer than most are in place. Re-chromed armrest bases join straight armrests on the great original door panels. Original visors join a new headliner above, while the Inland shifter and reupholstered seats take center stage on the new carpet. A clean, uncracked steering wheel is in your hands, all of the gauges and lights work, and the willing drivetrain is set for takeoff.

Underneath, you're greeted with mostly original, touched-up factory undercoating. You can see how few miles are on the restoration by checking out the new pipes and suspension components--they're as brand new as they look. A new fuel tank and lines, new brake lines and e-brake cables keep the original transmission and Dana rear axle company.

Few GTX's are as raw as this example, so this is definitely a unique piece.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: green
Interior Color: green
Engine: 8
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 20 on resto

Source: R&H Collectibles

Eastlake, Ohio, U.S.A.
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