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1971 Buick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom

Buick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Picture 10CL9171730220AA
Buick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220AABuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220ABBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220ACBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220ADBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220AEBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220AFBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220AGBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220AHBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220AIBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220AJBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220AKBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220ALBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220AMBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220ANBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220AOBuick Riviera Boattail 455 Coupe Custom - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 10CL9171730220AP

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About This 1971 Buick Riviera

Posted: 22 Mar 2010

Truly a one-of-a-kind Buick Riviera custom. Certainly not for everyone, but this Riviera is at least more practical than a supercar.

From Seller:

Stunning one-of-a-kind '71 Buick Riviera Boattail Hardtop. The owner of this car has been going to car shows for over 50 years and wanted to build something different from the staple 32 Fords, Chevelles, Camaros and Mustangs etc., that you see at those shows. The mission was to create a four passenger full size car while maintaining the effect of the period with a contemporary flavor.


So the project began and he came across a clean and original ..71 Buick Riviera which he would use. The car was so clean he decided not to take the body off the frame. They started by removing the windows, doors, fenders, hood, interior, including the dash. They stripped the body and interior down to bare metal. There was no body fillers or bondo used. They felt that the one area that needed customizing was the front end. The front bumper was massive; it went from mid grille all the way to the bottom of the fender. They made the front bumpers, de-chromed the back bumper and brought it in closer to the body. The mirrors came from a 2006 Corvette. They carved the bases for the mirrors out of aluminum on a CNC machine. The headlights are custom made HID, the tail lights are custom made HID lights and are sequential. The instrument panel was custom made by Dakota Digital.


The interior was lined with Thermo-Tec exhaust and heat protection. Front seat units are 6 way - 2006 G.M. Rear seat units were fabricated. Seats are french seamed with flat bar insert design. Package tray has padded leather insert with hand punched and inlaid leather speaker outlets. Visors are finger tabbed with welted edges. Carpet is custom fitted British-wool broadcloth and wool carpet with hand sewn and picked seams. The seats are wrapped in Scottish-Angus leather.


From the owner of dfm Car Stereo, Shawn Brodoski:

'In my 20 years of experience creating custom systems, this 1971 Buick Riviera is one of my favorites. I used only the highest quality materials in creating the visually stunning trunk and audio system for this one of a kind classic. In the cabin, I started with an Alpine CD player and flash drive installed in the dash. JL audio speakers were installed in the front, and Polk audio SR series in the back deck. Moving to the trunk, Polk audio SR speakers flank two Alpine 4 channel amplifiers. A JL audio 10.. woofer was tucked away, behind the amps, to rock the crowd at car shows. Each piece in the trunk was hand formed from fiberglass and carefully sculpted to perfection for the tightest fit. I then, carefully, wrapped each piece in the finest imported leather. Countless hours were spent creating the fiberglass inlays that were painted in red to highlight the amps and the speakers and give a stunning contrast to the tan leather. I love the end result, and I truly enjoyed being a part of this project.'

Line List Equipment

1 Alpine CDA9886

2 Alpine PDX 1.600

2pr Polk Audio SR6500

1pr JL Audio XR100CT

1 JL Audio 10w1


Buick 455 V8 bored to 4.35 inches giving 464ci. Wiseco forged dished pistons with 1/16 rings, approx 10.5:1 compression, Eagle H-beam rods, 6.635 length, hydraulic flat tappet camshaft at approx 231/239 degrees duration at .050 and in the mid .500 lift range, fully grooved cam bearings, internal oil passages as required for this application, dual guard intake manifold and aluminum heads, ported and flowed to 320 plus cfm, extra capacity oil pan, MSD 6AL ignition box. The engine was built by PAE Enterprises in El Paso, TX. Jim is a renowned Buick engine builder. Most of his engines are built for drag racers around the U.S.A. The motor was broke in and tuned on Jim's Dyno. 527hp@ 5600 rpm and 609 foot pounds of torque @ 4600 rpm. The radiator is custom built aluminum with two 1350cfm fans.


Air Rid Technologies Ride Pro 3 (4-way system) with remote control, two 3 gal air tanks, 2 compressors, big red value upgrade, high tech electronic control allows the user to program three automatic height presets with added level pro digital right height sensors. The system intelligently utilizes both air pressure and ride height information to accurately adjust vehicle suspension level. Level Pro upgrade for Ride Pro E3 system (4 external sensors) double convoluted air springs in front and 2000 pound tapered rear air springs in rear and four Billet aluminum adjustable shocks.

The car was shown at six car shows between 2008 and 2009. It won 2008 Cruise of Champions at Hot August Nights, was featured in Meguiars tent at Hot August Nights 2008. It won two Best of Show, two 1st place in class, one Best Custom Creation, One Cool Ride, One Special Award, One Sponsors Choice and two Best Paint Awards in 2009. The car is a pleasure to take to car shows. The response from people is amazing.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: red
Interior Color: tan
Engine: 8
Transmission: auto

Source: Specialty Sales

Pleasanton, California, U.S.A.
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