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1973 DeTomaso Pantera GTS Euro Model

DeTomaso Pantera GTS Euro Model - 1973 - Picture 10CE8435315927AA
DeTomaso Pantera GTS Euro Model - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 10CE8435315927AADeTomaso Pantera GTS Euro Model - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 10CE8435315927ABDeTomaso Pantera GTS Euro Model - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 10CE8435315927ACDeTomaso Pantera GTS Euro Model - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 10CE8435315927ADDeTomaso Pantera GTS Euro Model - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 10CE8435315927AEDeTomaso Pantera GTS Euro Model - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 10CE8435315927AFDeTomaso Pantera GTS Euro Model - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 10CE8435315927AGDeTomaso Pantera GTS Euro Model - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 10CE8435315927AHDeTomaso Pantera GTS Euro Model - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 10CE8435315927AIDeTomaso Pantera GTS Euro Model - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 10CE8435315927AJ

About This 1973 DeTomaso Pantera

Posted: 15 Mar 2010

Very sharp DeTomaso Pantera with modern upgrades, including larger diameter DeTomaso-themed wheels. The restoration was thorough, to the point of stripping to bare metal and removing body filler. For the Pantera fan who wants a more modern version.

From Seller:

1973 European model Pantera GTS that has been restored with consistent detail through out, sound replacement parts and top quality upgrades for performance, comfort, show and fun. European GTS were offered a bit over a year before the US GTS appearance package appeared in the states. They did not have the 'GT' in the VIN and could be ordered with additional opitions.

Body & Paint:

Restoration began in 2001 with 47,000 kilometers on the speedometer with the completely disassemble and removal of all the original paint, body fillers, lead, and undercoating. Months of painstaking bodywork were invested to get every panel, gap, wheel opening and seam just right with minimal use of body filler. Much of the lead body filler was removed and the panels reworked for much improved fitments including realignment of the door hinges. The orginal fiberglass fender flairs were not restored or replace during the restoration. I felt the car looked cleaner and classy with out them. A great deal of attention was given to the engine compartment and front compartment smoothing out the sheet metal and making the compartments sanitary and easy to care fore. The undercarriage, passenger compartment and frame rails were given equal attention and detailing. The car was the last Pantera to have won best in marquee at the annually Italiano Concorso at Quail Lodge in Monterey before the event was moved to various locations and has been awarded several other awards including a peoples choice award and best in show for paint. Although the paint work is show quality some driving wear is detectable on the lower rocker panels just behind the front and rear wheels along with a couple of stress cracks in the body filler in the engine compartment near the spreader bar. The wear is probably much more noticeable to me than anyone else.


Custom wool hook and loop refurbished Lotus seats covered in leather. They fit low in the car and are very comfortable and supportive for spirited drive or on long trips. The interior panels and dash were reupholstered with genuine BMW leatherette upholstery. The factory GTS 14 inch Momo steering wheel is in super condition. Significant effort andexpense went into lining the interior with Dynamat, Dynamat Extreme Kool-it products, calking and other sound and heat proofing material to make the cabin as quite and comfortable as possible. New door gaskets, whiskers, seals, boots and pedal pads were used during reassembly.


Windows and front windshield are in excellent condition.


The car has factor vented rotors front and rear. Refurbished factory Girling brakes with Porterfield brake pads. Stainless steel brake lines through out. Factory Bendix master cylinder with larger more powerful Group 4 power booster.


Replacement rubber bushings used on suspension and sway bars. Both the front and rear have 7/8-inch sway bars with aluminum brackets. Camber lock. Powder coated A-arms & Carerra adjustable shocks. Wilkinson modified upright bearings with billet axels and Spicer heavy-duty half shafts.


Transaxle has been gone through, inspected and safety wired by Lloyd Buttfoy at RBT along with 3:77 gears added and said to be in 'stellar' condition. Transaxle shifts smoothly and fluidly. New master cylinder, stainless steel line, long throw slave cylinder and new Centerforce clutch with balanced flywheel.


Fluidyne lay down aluminum radiator, dual Spal sucker fans, stainless steel radiator tubes and over flow bottles.


The engine was built and assembled by Bullet Machine shop in Medford. 351C balanced and blueprinted. Fitted with Weisco Forged 0.020 pistons. 10.25:1 C.R. Australian heads with stage 1 porting and polishing and were fitted with one-piece stainless valves. The heads were fitted with screw in studs, guide plates, a 3-angle valve job and Crain Gold roller rocker arms. A high volume oil pump was added along with a factory 10-quart oil pan. Cam specifications are as follows: 110-lobe separation, 222 intake and 226 exhaust at 5/1000. The engine is managed with a fully programmable Holley TBI Electronic fuel injection, wide band O2 sensor and Ford TFI ignition with separate fuse panel. A custom tensioned serpentine belt set up drives the Edelbrock water pump, 100amp alternator and Sanyo Air conditioning pump. Horsepower was measured at 393 HP and torque was measured at 425 foot-pounds. The engine idles smoothly, has lots of low-end torque, pulls strong to 6, 000 RPM and has super throttle response and wow looks.


Headman headers with genuine Jet Coating. Custom Bruellen stainless steel exhausts provide a deep mellow exhaust note with very little cabin resonance. Also included is a set of replica GTS exhaust in stainless steel

Tire and Wheels:

Bridgestone S2 Pole tires 225/45/17 fronts and 275/40/18 rear tires. Wilkinson replica Campy wheels 17x8 fronts and 18x10 rears. The car simply handles and rides exceptional with this combination.


The car has been four corner balanced and aligned. Most of the external hardware replaced with stainless steel fasteners. The Fuel tank was completely rust free when cleaned and repainted. Suspension bolts and nuts replaced with new grade 5 or better hardware. The interior blower fan was replaced with a 3-speed unit with a fresh air flap that pulls fresh air in from under the front cowl when desired along with a completely new modern wiring harness. Also a new A/C condenser, Sanyo Air compressor and a high/low pressure switch was added to the A/C and work to keep the car comfortable in even 100 plus degree weather outside.

The car is very well balanced, rides and handles extremely well and comfortable for long rides. The EFI makes it very reliable, easy to tune to the drivers performance demands and very enjoyable to drive.

Source: browsing2much

Medford, Oregon

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: black / white
Interior Color: black
Engine: 8
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 4,898

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