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1937 MG VA Tourer

MG VA Tourer - 1937 - Picture 09J8A284610394AA
MG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394AAMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394ABMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394ACMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394ADMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394AEMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394AFMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394AGMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394AHMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394AIMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394AJMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394AKMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394ALMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394AMMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394ANMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394AOMG VA Tourer - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 09J8A284610394AP

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About This 1937 MG VA

Posted: 09 Oct 2009

The 1 1/2 liter MG VA was only in production for three years, 1937-1939. Out of the 2,407 VAs made, only 591 examples were the 2-door, 4 seat Tourer as we have here. One of our clients purchased this car two years ago from the UK. Although we have no documentation, the restoration was obviously a body-off done to a very nice standard. The following is an excerpt from a pre-purchase inspection done in the UK two years ago.

MG VA TOURER Reg No: CTD172 Chassis No: 0807T

We have carefully inspected this car in our workshops and have road tested it over a distance of about 20 miles. We have come to the following conclusions:

1. General Appearance

This is one of the best fully rebuilt VA tourers we have seen in 35 years of specialising in this model. It has been the subject of a total and meticulous rebuild with rear body frame, many rear panels, and high quality paint work. Door fit and gaps are exemplary. The upholstery, dashboard and all weather equipment have all been executed to a high standard.

2. Originality

Great attention has been paid to details both outside and inside the car, and inside the engine bay. Since the car has only covered a few hundred miles since its rebuild was completed the appearance and cleanliness of the underside of the car and chassis matches that of the immaculate engine bay.

3. Driving

With the exception of the cylinder head, the engine has not been rebuilt. The oil pressure is however entirely adequate - 40 psi at normal running speeds and 20 psi at tickover and there is no suggestion of any impending problems.

The steering/brakes/suspension have all been fully rebuilt to exactly standard specifications and we could find no obvious defects. The ride is relatively soft and smooth, the steering reasonably light and precise and the brakes entirely adequate for the performance of the car. All instruments lights etc work as they should. The clutch can be a little jerky at times, but the car has done less than 500 miles since its rebuild and there may be some room for improvement with minor adjustments as things settle down.

Overall, this is an excellent example of the VA tourer and should give many years of enjoyment to its new owner.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: red
Interior Color: red
Engine: 4
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 290 on restoration

Source: Kevin Kay Restorations

Redding, California, U.S.A.
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