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1925 Chrysler Six Model 70

Chrysler Six Model 70 - 1925 - Picture 09J1H070612309AA
Chrysler Six Model 70 - 1925 - Thumbnail Picture 09J1H070612309AAChrysler Six Model 70 - 1925 - Thumbnail Picture 09J1H070612309ABChrysler Six Model 70 - 1925 - Thumbnail Picture 09J1H070612309ACChrysler Six Model 70 - 1925 - Thumbnail Picture 09J1H070612309ADChrysler Six Model 70 - 1925 - Thumbnail Picture 09J1H070612309AEChrysler Six Model 70 - 1925 - Thumbnail Picture 09J1H070612309AFChrysler Six Model 70 - 1925 - Thumbnail Picture 09J1H070612309AGChrysler Six Model 70 - 1925 - Thumbnail Picture 09J1H070612309AHChrysler Six Model 70 - 1925 - Thumbnail Picture 09J1H070612309AIChrysler Six Model 70 - 1925 - Thumbnail Picture 09J1H070612309AJ

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About This 1925 Chrysler Six

Posted: 02 Oct 2009

This is a very solid restorable car with minimal rust on the fenders where they meet the running boards. My father purchased this car in 1963 and stuck it away in the garage; it has never been restored or altered in any way! This is an original car, the interior is all there, and the covers are on the seats, headliner and door panels too. This is a very nice car for a restoration because you would not have to guess how anything was, IT’s all there. My 25 Chrysler starts and drives but the four wheel hydraulic brake do not work ,it has wood spoke wheels and a Fisher Body the car is located in the Syracuse, New York area.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: green
Interior Color: grey
Engine: 6
Transmission: manual
Sold For: $5,500

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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