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1972 Buick Skylark GS

Buick Skylark GS - 1972 - Picture 09EIE402331902AA
Buick Skylark GS - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 09EIE402331902AABuick Skylark GS - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 09EIE402331902ABBuick Skylark GS - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 09EIE402331902ACBuick Skylark GS - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 09EIE402331902ADBuick Skylark GS - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 09EIE402331902AEBuick Skylark GS - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 09EIE402331902AFBuick Skylark GS - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 09EIE402331902AGBuick Skylark GS - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 09EIE402331902AHBuick Skylark GS - 1972 - Thumbnail Picture 09EIE402331902AI
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Source: Best of Show AutomotiveMentor, Ohio, U.S.A.
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Posted: 19 May 2009

Specs & DetailsExterior Color: orange
Interior Color: tan
Engine: 8
Transmission: auto
Miles Driven: 48953

About This 1972 Buick Skylark

The list of options is incredible here's the way the factory built this amazing vehicle:

34 67 GS455 Convertible
ZZ Flame Orange
1 White convertible top
245 White notchback bench seat interior
B2 Turbo Hydramatic 400 transmission
CF Power disc brakes and variable ratio power steering
DN AM Sonoramic radio, rear speaker and stereo tape deck
E6 Through bumper exhaust extensions
F7 G60-15 Firestone Wide Oval white letter tires and chrome plated wheels
G1 Performance axle with positive traction (std. Stage 1)
I6 Air conditioning
J1 Custom seat belts
L2 Soft-Ray tinted windshield
NF Front and rear bumper guards and bumper strips front and rear
O6 Sport outside rear view mirrors
S7 Tilt steering
UD Full rallye gauge package with tachometer and Convenience Group (Trunk light, mirror map light)
V2 Chrome plated wheels (std with F9 Wide Ovals)
X2 Rallye steering wheel

The fully restored interior looks better than new. The dash pad is straight and soft, the gauges are freshly restored, all switchgear operates as designed and the power top functions efficiently. The A/C blows ice cold and new upholstery from the carpet up is in place and in perfect condition. The seats are freshly stuffed and very comfortable this is a real road trip car if you dare to drive it!

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