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1967 Porsche 911 S

Porsche 911 S - 1967 - Picture 08ASD502609079A
Porsche 911 S - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 08ASD502609079APorsche 911 S - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 08ASD502609079BPorsche 911 S - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 08ASD502609079CPorsche 911 S - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 08ASD502609079DPorsche 911 S - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 08ASD502609079EPorsche 911 S - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 08ASD502609079FPorsche 911 S - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 08ASD502609079G

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About This 1967 Porsche 911

Posted: 29 Jan 2008

Offered here is a really nice example of the first year for the 911 S model. These were very special, expensive cars when they were new. Some, like this one have survived. Most however succumbed to rust, neglect or accidents many years ago.

This particular car was sold in March of 1967 by Ralph Cutright Volkswagen in Santa Monica, CA to the filmmaker Francis Coppola. He was apparently flush from his first mainstream film success 1966s You’re a Big Boy Now. Coppola owned the car until 1973. Since that time, with the exception of two short stints in Oregon the car has spent its entire life in California. The S still wears its original black California plate. I have the books, registrations going way back, and lots of receipts.

NUMBERS: Chassis: 308141S Both VIN tags, and the stamping above the tank are accounted for. Engine: 961819 This engine is original to the chassis. The number is recorded in the service book, and I also have a Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche. The transmission was replaced at some point and is not the original to the car.

BODY: The car received a windows out, bare metal repaint in 1997. The finish is truly exceptional. The sides are dead straight, and the paint has a deep reflective gloss. Even under critical fluorescent light, the paint stands up. The color of the car was changed at this time from 6605 bahama yellow to 6609 black. Since the front trunk and engine compartment on short wheel base 911s are always black regardless of the exterior color, changes are quite a bit easier. The result of this work speaks for itself; the car is stunning in black.

The car has no rust. The floors are some of the best I've seen, and still have the horse hair matting under the carpet. There is no evidence of repaired damage on the front inner fenders, or in the rear. The front suspension pan is excellent. When I got the car the old low tech under seal was partially missing and peeling away. I had the underside cleaned, prepared and re sealed. The rockers, jack points, and torsion tube are excellent, and show no signs of repair.

All of the body rubber was replaced in '97 as well. The side window chrome was not re-done, and is really the only thing the car needs cosmetically in my opinion. The turn signal lenses are very nice. The sunroof seals have been replaced, and the cables done in '95. The car has a very nice OE front hood badge.

INTERIOR: The seats have been recovered using correct wool hounds tooth fabric. The headliner, carpet and dashboard were re-done in '97 when the car was painted. The door panels are originals. They are quite nice for their age, but not perfect. The wood steering wheel (a no cost option on the S) was re-done at some point, but needs to be done again properly. The instruments are original, and very nice. All of the unique S interior trim is accounted for.

ELECTRICAL: With the exception of the gas aux. heater and the clock everything works. The directionals cancel properly, the interior lights work, and the instruments, etc.

MECHANICAL'S: As I mentioned before, the car has its original 901/02 S motor still in place. It also has the unique Weber IDS carburetors.

The engine runs really well, and hardly leaks at all. In a couple days of sitting it only drops a quarter size spot of oil. The engine does not smoke, even under hard accel or decel and is mechanically very quiet. The heat exchangers are excellent, the muffler OK.

I performed a leak down test and was very happy with the following results: 1(4%) 6(3%) 2(4%) 4 (3%) 3(3%) 5(4%). It's obvious looking at the sealer between the case halves that the engine has been completely apart. However, I do not have a receipt for this work. Based upon visual inspection, the leak down, total mileage, and the overall fitness of the engine I'm sure it was rebuilt at one point. I'm satisfied, but I do have all the names of the previous owners. One could try and track these guys down to get more history. The engine was recently serviced and the valves adjusted.

The transmission was rebuilt approximately 5,000 miles ago. It shifts well and the clutch feels good.

The dampers feel good. Most of the suspension rubber bushings look pretty old, but are holding together. The car is shod with an ancient set of Michelin's. While it's fun to slide around, they really need to be replaced.

The S still has all five 4.5' Fuchs alloy wheels. One of the previous owners must have lost or kept the toolkit (straight to old car hell). I do have the jack and a lug wrench.

Overall the car drives quite well. If you haven't experienced the shriek of an S motor on cam, you are in for a treat. These cars aren't that fast by modern standards, but the sounds and sensations are phenomenal.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: black
Interior Color: black
Engine: 6
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 144579
Sold For: $60,200

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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