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1983 Pontiac Trans Am Recaro Edition

Pontiac Trans Am Recaro Edition - 1983 - Picture 08A7I005503844A
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About This 1983 Pontiac Trans Am

Posted: 08 Jan 2008

1983 was the year of the extended GM strike. Only a few Recaro editions were made that year. Of those, it appears that only 8 cross-fire engine versions are still on the road, in the US. This is one of them. The Crossfire is the same engine that was in the Chevy Corvette in 1982.

I am second owner. I also have all the history and many extras such as Historical Docs., Brochures, Dealer information, Plastic Models and much, much more. The water based Calif Paint was redone to highest grade normal enamel. Recaro paint scheme is still the same. Condition of ext & int is a 8 out of 10.

Year/Make/Model: 1983 PONTIAC FIREBIRD TRANS AM Engine code: S (LU5) Body Style: HATCHBACK 2 DR With T-Tops Engine: 5.0L V8 TBI/FI Manufactured in: UNITED STATES, California. Added Hypertech chip, Accel Brute Thunder coil, new distribut cap and rotor, Accel HEI ignition module

The car is the RECARO TRANS-AM, a limited- edition which carries the code UPC-Y84 The RECARO TRANS-AM is available only on a black Trans-Am with a gold lower accent and includes Charcoal Recaro bucket seats, luxury door pads, custom-color keyed seat belts, Recaro logo door handle inserts, special WS-6 performance handling suspension with four-wheel disc-brakes, P215/65R-15 BSW steel-belted tires, limited-slip rear, sport hood, hatch roof panels, gold Turbo cast aluminum wheels with black centers and a choice of 5.0-Liter V-8 engines.

standard multi-adjustable Recaro front bucket seats (AQ9),

standard T-tops (CC1),

standard WS6 performance package (WS6),

4-wheel disc brakes (J65),

limited slip rear axle aka. positraction with 3.23 : 1 gears (G92),

32mm rear sway bar,

21mm front sway bar,

stiffer springs & shocks,

quick 12.7 : 1 steering box ratio,

P215/65R15 steel belted Goodyear Eagle GT radials on Recaro-specific 15'x7' gold-painted turbo cast aluminum wheels (N89),

choice of the 165HP Cross-Fire dual throttle body injected (TBI) 5.0 V8 engine (LU5) with functional cold air induction hood and a 3-speed automatic Turbo Hydramatic TH200c {700R4 in 1983} transmission (MX1), or the 145HP 4bbl 5.0 V8 engine (LG4) with a four-speed manual transmission (MM4).

The Recaro option price was $2,968 with the LU5/MX1 combo or $2,486 with the LG4/MM4 combo.

Special black exterior door handle inserts proclaimed 'RECARO T/A' in gold lettering for identification. The Firebird logo and Pontiac lettering on the taillights was done up in Gold. Twin Rochester 400 TBI units feeding oppisite cyl. Banks. Displacement 305 cid (5.0 liters) Induction System Cross-Fire fuel injection (dual Rochester 400 TBI units) Horsepower 165@4200 rpm (1982) 175@4200 rpm (1983) Torque (lbs/ft) 240@2400 rpm (1982) 250@2800 rpm (1983) Compression Ratio 9.5:1 Bore x Stroke 3.740 x 3.480 Spark Plug Gap .045 Oil Capacity 5 quarts with oil filter change (4 quarts without filter change) Transmission TH200C 3-speed automatic (1982) 700R4 4-speed automatic (1983) Rear Axle Ratio 2.93 limited slip (standard) 3.23 limited slip (with WS6 handling package w/ positraction) Oil Filter AC Delco PF25 Camshaft L83 - Lobe Lift: .269 (intake) & .276 (exhaust) Wheels/Tires 15x7' alloy wheels (with aero wheel covers, or optional hubs in 1983) / P215 65-R15 Goodyear Eagle GT steel belted radial tires. With more interior options, this was continued into 1983.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: black
Interior Color: tan
Engine: 8
Transmission: auto
Miles Driven: 86000
Sold For: $7,500

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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