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1973 Pinzgauer 710K Custom

Pinzgauer  710K Custom - 1973 - Picture 07LGD594123813A
Pinzgauer  710K Custom - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 07LGD594123813BPinzgauer  710K Custom - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 07LGD594123813CPinzgauer  710K Custom - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 07LGD594123813DPinzgauer  710K Custom - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 07LGD594123813EPinzgauer  710K Custom - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 07LGD594123813FPinzgauer  710K Custom - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 07LGD594123813G

Posted: 17 Dec 2007

Archived Listing

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Specs & Details

Exterior: white / yellow
Interior: gray
Engine: 4
Trans: manual

1973 Pinzgauer 710K Custom Truck • VIN # 5751841 • Odometer Reading:8793 Km/5495 miles • You may have already seen this custom Pinzgauer on the Internet. It was shipped back to the factory in Austria to be completely rebuilt and customized from the ground up before it was returned to the U.S. • This Pinzgauer has been featured on several websites, but the statements about the current owner and location of the vehicle are outdated, however, the information about the monies invested into this vehicle are true: Totaling to about $114,000.00 Now for sale for almost half of the original investment: $58,880 FEATURES: 1. This truck features a high quality custom paint job on the exterior and interior. The door panels are also painted to match the exterior. The undercarriage has been coated with the corrosion protective wax the Pinzgauer factory in Austria applies. 2. The interior has noise insulation. It has carpeted paneling on the sides and the headliner. The floor is completely carpeted. 3. The seats are the later model factory high back seats; all five have been replaced. 4. A small jump seat has been installed in the back; the fabric matches all other seats. 5. On the right side in the back a tool box has been installed which also has been painted to match the exterior. 6. A factory roof top AC unit has been installed; the receipts indicate that this unit alone cost about 8000 Euros! 7. The factory roof hatch above the passenger front seat has an exterior guard installed. 8. The front turn signals are late model style versions with the Austrian version headlight and turn signal guards. 9. On the right rear corner two custom fold out steps have been installed in order to access the custom roof rack. 10. Custom rear quarter sliding windows have been installed as well as a spare tire cover. 11. The rims are custom 17' Alloy wheels and radial Good Year tires 265/70R-17. The spare wheel matches the other custom wheels; custom center caps are installed in the rear and hub steps in the front. 12. This vehicle features a SNF custom brush guard. 13. All the glass is in good condition and all window felt had been replaced when this vehicle was restored in Austria. A safety glass windshield has been installed along with the windshield wiper conversion. 14. The headlights have been upgraded to Halogen H4. 15. The exterior rear view mirrors are also the factory late model style. 16. The interior mirror is also factory and the windshield has a radio antenna installed on the inside. The Radio is AM/FM with a CD player and 6 speakers. 17. The rear table features a fold out flat screen display for the DVD player mounted in the back. The DVD Player features four cordless headphones and has Playstation 2 hook-ups. 18. A 110 Volt inverter is installed under the table. 19. A 12 Volt converter with outlets is installed. 20. As with all K models, this Pinzgauer is equipped with the factory gas heater. 21. The engine cover is excellent and has a custom cup holder installed on the top. Similar high quality custom cup holders have been installed on the rear table. 22. The factory desk lights for the rear table are installed and functional. Several dome lights have been added along with holders for Mag Lights. 23. This vehicle comes complete and has a locking gas cap, Gerry can and tools included. 24. Besides the factory door locks, additional locks have been added for the battery box and Gerry can holder. The batteries are high quality dry cell batteries. All axle boots are in good condition and the wooden rub rails on the sides have been replaced. 25. Points have been upgraded to electronic ignition. 26. The heat exchanger is stock and a custom exhaust has been installed in order to get better ground clearance. 27. The dash board has custom gauges and a tachometer installed. 28. The windshield wiper washer system is upgraded.


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