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1976 Bradley GT Jet Car

Bradley GT Jet Car - 1976 - Picture 07JGH290310930A
Bradley GT Jet Car - 1976 - Thumbnail Picture 07JGH290310930ABradley GT Jet Car - 1976 - Thumbnail Picture 07JGH290310930BBradley GT Jet Car - 1976 - Thumbnail Picture 07JGH290310930CBradley GT Jet Car - 1976 - Thumbnail Picture 07JGH290310930D

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About This 1976 Bradley GT

Posted: 17 Oct 2007

A Jet Car for the person who has everything! I purchased this Bradley GT Jet Car in June 2003 as a demonstration vehicle and attraction at my Motorsports facility. The Bradley GT Jet Car is in perfect condition just like it was when I bought it. I have used it very little and it has always been garage kept. The Jet Car comes with full electronics. A computer will start and ignite the Boeing Jet Engine the GE Touch Screen keeps you informed as the cycle begins thru ignition. It’s automatic and totally computerized. Once the jet fires the rest is up to you. It sounds just like a 747! To move forward you increase the jet engine speed with the hand throttle. It is a propulsion jet so as it moves forward by creating trust and moves faster as the thrust builds. It’s not real fast in its current configuration. Remember I used it more for demonstrations than actual speed. It is really cool! To make it go faster a smaller cone is required to generate additional thrust. The jet engine is worth the purchase price alone. Pull out the jet engine, sell it separate if you want to and make a cool dune buggy. Included is a full functioning jet car, computer, brakes, all electronics, repair manual, build manual for the Bradley GT. Tow bar for taking it to shows and lots of literature and photography of the build and startup procedure. You’ll get everything shown. The Bradley GT is in excellent condition; there are no scratches, cracks, nicks, etc. The specifications are as follows: My minimum is considerably less than the cost to build and less than what I paid for it several years ago.

Remember the Jet Car is not street legal, can be dangerous.


Build Date: 2002

By: Eric Rodemeyer


Year: 1976 Bradley GT

Manufacturer: Bradley Automotive – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Body Serial Number: 4 7281


Year: 1970

Manufacturer: VW

Suspension: Independent Rear

Tires Front: P265/50R14

Tires Rear: P275/50R15

Wheels: Aluminum 3 piece


Seats: Stock Bradley

Harnesses: R.J.S. Racing

Steering Wheel: Grant

Touch Screen: 9” Total Control (EL Series)

PCL: ICL 4300 (1 touch start automation)

Strobes: Whelen undercover (6 corner)


Manufacturer: Boeing

Model: 502-11

Type: Air Starter

Date of Manufacturer: November of 1969

Conversion: Converted to a Turbo Jet in 2002

Burner Count: Twin burners

Wheel size: 9” compressor (single stage)

Maximum RPM: 37,500 (89%)

Max Temperature: 650c

Fuel: JP-4, Jet-A, Kerosene

Oil: SAE 10/W (MIL-L-2104) 6 qts.

Oil Pressure: 25-50 PSIG

Electrical: 24v DC (two 1150 cca batteries)

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: blue
Interior Color: black

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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