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1979 Plymouth Fire Arrow

Plymouth Fire Arrow - 1979 - Picture 07HQK580530907A
Plymouth Fire Arrow - 1979 - Thumbnail Picture 07HQK580530907APlymouth Fire Arrow - 1979 - Thumbnail Picture 07HQK580530907BPlymouth Fire Arrow - 1979 - Thumbnail Picture 07HQK580530907CPlymouth Fire Arrow - 1979 - Thumbnail Picture 07HQK580530907DPlymouth Fire Arrow - 1979 - Thumbnail Picture 07HQK580530907EPlymouth Fire Arrow - 1979 - Thumbnail Picture 07HQK580530907FPlymouth Fire Arrow - 1979 - Thumbnail Picture 07HQK580530907GPlymouth Fire Arrow - 1979 - Thumbnail Picture 07HQK580530907H

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About This 1979 Plymouth Fire

Posted: 27 Aug 2007

Here is the story behind my 1979 Plymouth Fire Arrow. About 8 years ago I located a 1980 Plymouth Arrow. It was just the standard model. About a year later I found a 1979 Plymouth Fire Arrow. This one was in rough shape and was my vision for rebuilding the car that I had when I was in High School.

So I disassembled the 1980 Arrow and used its body only as the base for my 1979 Fire Arrow. I basically removed the interior, engine, drive train, suspension, and trim from the ’79 parts car. I rebuilt all the items and made a New 1979 Plymouth Fire Arrow.

Here is a list of the items I’ve done:

1. Professionally rebuilt the 2.6 L 4 cylinder engine.

2. Professionally rebuilt the 5-speed transmission and clutch.

3. Removed, sandblasted and rebuilt front suspension and steering rack.

4. Removed, sandblasted and repainted rear end. (Original rear end with disc brakes is available).

5. New brakes including rotors, drums, pads, brake cylinders, and brake calipers.

6. New rear shocks and front struts.

7. Removed and had gas tank “Renewed” professionally.

8. New Exhaust.

9. Removed and refinished 4 aluminum alloy wheels, fit with new TOYO 800 Ultras 175/70/13. Original unused spare.

10. Removed all interior components except dash. Had all interior parts cleaned and re-died carpets. Found the original fabric and had both front bucket seats and rear bench seat re-upholstered. I left the original dash and gauges alone but I did refit the center console from the parts car but I did not hook up those gages.

11. Body was completely sanded down or sandblasted to bare metal and professionally refinished and refit all body components.

12. The decals were custom made from the original hood and striping. This alone cost more than $600. (I still own the pattern for the hood decals and striping if someone wants to purchase these from me.) The lettering is not an exact replica of the original but is very close.

13. The engine compartment was completely cleaned and all components removed. It was then repainted and all components replaced.

I built this care because of a youthful memory but my family is growing and my needs are changing. I’ve found that over the last 2 years since I’ve finished it, I’ve only put on about 200 miles.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: white
Interior Color: black
Engine: 4
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 10479
Sold For: $5,100

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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