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1931 Chrysler CD8 Convertible

Chrysler  CD8 Convertible - 1931 - Picture 07GPE452010563A
Chrysler  CD8 Convertible - 1931 - Thumbnail Picture 07GPE452010563AChrysler  CD8 Convertible - 1931 - Thumbnail Picture 07GPE452010563BChrysler  CD8 Convertible - 1931 - Thumbnail Picture 07GPE452010563CChrysler  CD8 Convertible - 1931 - Thumbnail Picture 07GPE452010563DChrysler  CD8 Convertible - 1931 - Thumbnail Picture 07GPE452010563EChrysler  CD8 Convertible - 1931 - Thumbnail Picture 07GPE452010563FChrysler  CD8 Convertible - 1931 - Thumbnail Picture 07GPE452010563GChrysler  CD8 Convertible - 1931 - Thumbnail Picture 07GPE452010563HChrysler  CD8 Convertible - 1931 - Thumbnail Picture 07GPE452010563I

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About This 1931 Chrysler

Posted: 26 Jul 2007

Here is one of the finest examples of a 1931 Chrylser CD8 Convertible Coupe with Rumble Seat in the world. I've never seen another one like it, there are only two known similar examples in the Walter P. Chrysler Club records.

The owner has owned the vehicle for 24 years. It was used at Gilmore Classic Car Museum for many years. It has been to numberous car shows and won many awards. It is yellow and black with the serial number of 7508193. This is a first series car out of a production run totalling only 700. The miles on the speedometer is 06893. Car runs great for a 76 year old car, that has been restored.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: yellow
Interior Color: tan
Engine: 8
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 6893
Sold For: $31,665

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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