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2003 Custom Monster Truck

Custom Monster Truck  - 2003 - Picture 07GGC410303434A
Custom Monster Truck  - 2003 - Thumbnail Picture 07GGC410303434BCustom Monster Truck  - 2003 - Thumbnail Picture 07GGC410303434CCustom Monster Truck  - 2003 - Thumbnail Picture 07GGC410303434DCustom Monster Truck  - 2003 - Thumbnail Picture 07GGC410303434ECustom Monster Truck  - 2003 - Thumbnail Picture 07GGC410303434FCustom Monster Truck  - 2003 - Thumbnail Picture 07GGC410303434GCustom Monster Truck  - 2003 - Thumbnail Picture 07GGC410303434HCustom Monster Truck  - 2003 - Thumbnail Picture 07GGC410303434ICustom Monster Truck  - 2003 - Thumbnail Picture 07GGC410303434JCustom Monster Truck  - 2003 - Thumbnail Picture 07GGC410303434K

Posted: 17 Jul 2007

Archived Listing

(for informational purposes only)

Specs & Details

Exterior: red
Engine: 8
Trans: auto

Monster Trucks, Freightliner, Trailers, and Equipment This auction is for multiple vehicles, trailers, and equipment. All items listed on this auction will be sold as one unit. No quarantee will be made as to the performance, abilites, or condition of the auction items. All items listed in this auction are sold 'as-is'. All information provided is as accurate as possible. The items included on this auction are as follows; 2004 '6-pack' Monster Truck 2003 Box Truck Monster Truck 1986 Freightliner RV 40 ft Dorsey Trailer 48 ft GreatDane Trailer 53 ft Low-Deck Trailer Misc Truck Display Equipment The Monster Trucks are custom-built trucks that run and drive. Both trucks have four-wheel steering (switch control), high-performance Chevrolet Big-block engines, automatic transmissions, diff-brakes, and are built heavily. I believe these are retired race trucks that have been converted for marketing. The trucks are in good shape overall and have been recently ran and driven. There are a few 'dings and dents' from trailering, but overall are in good shape. The only body damage is a missing rear right hand side lower fender on the '6-pack' truck (this is a 'bolt on' fender). The auction does include eight 66 inch tires and wheels. Four of these tires are like new. The other four have been cut for tread and two of this four will not hold air. We did not build these trucks, so gear ratio, transmission, or engine details are not known. The engines do reguire high-octane fuel to run, so they are built, but to what degree we do not know. The Freightliner RV-semi runs and drives but has some damage. the interior of the RV has been removed and the truck was not driven for over a year, but has recently been ran and driven. The 40 ft Dorsey trailer is road worthy but also has some damage. Both truck and trailer are currently DOT approved in MO. The 48ft and 53ft low-deck semi trailers are included for hauling the Monster Trucks. The Monster Trucks do have to have tractor tires and wheels (included) mounted on them to load into the trailers. One truck fits tightly into each trailer via custom built ramps that are included in the sale. There is also aluminum display staircases, 10 ton jacks, misc truck parts, and other tools and display materials included in this sale.


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