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1908 Simplex Speed Car

Simplex Speed Car - 1908 - Picture 07FKE271917670A
Simplex Speed Car - 1908 - Thumbnail Picture 07FKE271917670ASimplex Speed Car - 1908 - Thumbnail Picture 07FKE271917670BSimplex Speed Car - 1908 - Thumbnail Picture 07FKE271917670CSimplex Speed Car - 1908 - Thumbnail Picture 07FKE271917670DSimplex Speed Car - 1908 - Thumbnail Picture 07FKE271917670ESimplex Speed Car - 1908 - Thumbnail Picture 07FKE271917670FSimplex Speed Car - 1908 - Thumbnail Picture 07FKE271917670G

About This 1908 Simplex Speed

Posted: 21 Jun 2007

This incredible Brass Era Double chain drive Simplex is the only Speed Car known for sale anywhere. It sports a 40 gallon gas tank and a 13 gallon oil tank!! and develops over 50 hp. and is 610 cu. inches. The engine has been totally rebuilt from top to bottom and runs like a fast freight train. The body , chassis, springs, axles, wheels, sprockets, radiator, transmission, engine,etc. etc. etc.etc. are all original. Minor updates were done to make it very driveable. It's mate sits in the Smithsonian Museum and will never be for sale. The only other Model 50 (a Touring car) was sold at the Otis Chandler Estate Sale this year. It topped $800,000. This Simplex can be and has been driven on tours for years. It was recently shown at the Amelia Island Concours in Florida The engine, chassis, paint, interior are supurb and shown never be restored again.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: burgundy
Interior Color: burgundy
Engine: 4
Transmission: manual

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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