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1993 Stewart S-51 - P51 Mustang Replica

Stewart  S-51 - P51 Mustang Replica - 1993 - Picture 07FJF541025489A
Stewart  S-51 - P51 Mustang Replica - 1993 - Thumbnail Picture 07FJF541025489AStewart  S-51 - P51 Mustang Replica - 1993 - Thumbnail Picture 07FJF541025489BStewart  S-51 - P51 Mustang Replica - 1993 - Thumbnail Picture 07FJF541025489CStewart  S-51 - P51 Mustang Replica - 1993 - Thumbnail Picture 07FJF541025489DStewart  S-51 - P51 Mustang Replica - 1993 - Thumbnail Picture 07FJF541025489E

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About This 1993 Stewart

Posted: 20 Jun 2007

The P51 Mustang is such a cool plane. Whether you're an airplane enthusiast or a military buff, or just a lover of all things mechanical, this P51 Mustang replica is excitement.

From Seller:

Stewart S-51 Mustang Exact Scaled Down P51-D Nearly Complete

The Stewart S-51 is an all aluminum exact model of the North American P51-D Mustang at approximately 70% scale. The aircraft was designed by Jim Stewart over a period of about 20 years, and was offered as a kit in the late 1990s. It is normally powered by a big block Chevy V-8 engine in the range 454-573 cubic inch displacement. These engines normally make between 400-600 hp at 4750 rpm.

The design started out as a wooden aircraft powered by a small block Chevy V-8 engine. Eventually Jim started over with an all aluminum design, and for a while he sold plans sets. As far as I know only one or possibly two builders actually completed and flew a plans-built aircraft, and the first was in the metal fabrication business. Jim further refined the design and changed from a small block Chevy V-8 to a big block, and in the early 90's completed the plans for the current S51 kits. At the time it was the most accurate replica of the P51D available, and represented a quantum jump in complexity and performance over the slightly smaller SAL and FEW kits. In my opinion it's still the most accurate replica of a P-51D out there.

This is a 80% to 85% complete build and is currently disassembled and in crates ready to ship. It could be in the air in a few weeks. It is complete from the firewall back, and the engine has been hung. It still needs some wiring, cowling and air induction.

The engine is a Chevy Big Block 502 V-8 with a variable pitch constant speed 4 blade prop. Both engine and prop are 0 time.

Avionics and Instruments:

Garmin GPS, Com 1, all engine instruments.

There is also a oxygen system on board.

All the following performance data is based on current completed aircraft.

Cruise (at 75% power)

289 mph @ 28.5 gal/hr

Top speed (level flight)

334 mph @ 38 gal/hr


flight tested to more than 350 mph indicated

Rate of climb

4320 ft/min at sea level

Max flap speed

150 mph

Max gear speed

130 mph

Range at cruise (68 gal std fuel, no reserve)

689 mi

Service ceiling

29,400 ft

Engine Specifications (1)




reverse (CCW viewed from the front as it would sit in a car)


Iron or aluminum big bock Chevy, 9.8 or 10.2' deck

This is an amazing machine and is being offered at a fraction of what it would cost to get into a P-51D. These planes turn heads at all the shows.

All pictures of the aircraft are stock pictures as the actual aircraft is boxed and in a hanger.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: gray
Engine: 8

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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