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1958 BMW Isetta 300

BMW Isetta 300 - 1958 - Picture 07FEF145220728A
BMW Isetta 300 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07FEF145220728ABMW Isetta 300 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07FEF145220728BBMW Isetta 300 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07FEF145220728CBMW Isetta 300 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07FEF145220728DBMW Isetta 300 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07FEF145220728EBMW Isetta 300 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07FEF145220728FBMW Isetta 300 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07FEF145220728GBMW Isetta 300 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07FEF145220728H
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Source: private partyAnytown, U.S.A.
Posted: 15 Jun 2007

Specs & DetailsExterior Color: red
Interior Color: gray
Engine: 1
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 24627
Sold For: $10,000

About This 1958 BMW Isetta

This is a 1958 Isetta 300. I've owned it for about a year and bought it with the intention of restoring it but have run out of time because of other projects. There has been an older partial restoration but it was not a frame off attempt. It has been repainted and it looks quite good from a few feet away, but there are some cracks and chips here and there in the paint now if you look closely (please see pictures). When I bought it I was told there was about 300 miles on a rebuild of the engine. The engine runs well and starts easy and does not smoke, and I believe it was rebuilt. The throttle cable broke today (wouldn't you know it?) when I had it out on a test run, so it needs a new throttle cable. I have replaced much of the brake system with all new copper brake lines, installed rebuilt master cylinder and all three wheel cylinders. I also installed emergency brake parts which were all initially missing and the emergecy brake works. The speedometer cable was missing when I got it and I installed a new one, so I can't testify to the actuall mileage. Some body work has been done in the previous restoration but there is no apparent rust I can see. The tires are new. The wheels are solid.

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