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1993 Geo Tracker Custom

Geo Tracker Custom - 1993 - Picture 07FBA564907371A
Geo Tracker Custom - 1993 - Thumbnail Picture 07FBA564907371AGeo Tracker Custom - 1993 - Thumbnail Picture 07FBA564907371BGeo Tracker Custom - 1993 - Thumbnail Picture 07FBA564907371CGeo Tracker Custom - 1993 - Thumbnail Picture 07FBA564907371DGeo Tracker Custom - 1993 - Thumbnail Picture 07FBA564907371EGeo Tracker Custom - 1993 - Thumbnail Picture 07FBA564907371FGeo Tracker Custom - 1993 - Thumbnail Picture 07FBA564907371GGeo Tracker Custom - 1993 - Thumbnail Picture 07FBA564907371H

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About This 1993 Geo Tracker

Posted: 12 Jun 2007



You won't believe what this thing can do in the dirt, mud, sand, or rocks. This little toy is 100% pure fun. And at 25+miles to the gallon, your wallet will love it too. I recently purchased this little guy thru e-bay just over a month ago, but I got a new job and I have to relocate. The Tracker's got to go. My loss is your gain.

This vehicle is equipped with a homemade 4inch plus suspension lift borrowed from other vehicles. It handles better than most CJs I've owned. The front-end is from a Suzuki Samurai and has 2inch solid aluminum wheel spacers to make it the same width as a stock Tracker front-end. The wheel travel is impressive for this type of set up making it great in the rocks, but still stiff enough for highway. The wheels are 31x11.50 LT Superswampers on 15inch black directionals. I can't tell you how much fun it is to watch other jeeps, trucks, and SUVs spinning their tires as I cruise right on thru with a smile on my face slinging mud in this Mini-monster on a redneck rampage. This thing is best described as a big ATV that you can drive to work. It turns heads in the mud and on the road.

Additional features, upgrades, and new parts:

· Newer 1.6l 16 valve engine (It had approx.70k miles on it before installation, per previous owner)

· Engine recently serviced & runs great, plenty of power, doesn't smoke

· New front brakes and calipers, New clutch, New starter, & New battery

· New Superwinch 4x4 front hub lockers and new axle

· Suzuki Samurai front end & welded spider gears in the rear

· 31x11.50 LT Superswampers on 15inch black directionals

· Custom roll bar to keep you safe and a decent Besttop softtop to keep you dry

· New Besttop bikini top

· Custom header back (sweet racecar-soundin head-turnin) turbo exhaust

Yesterday I filled the tank from empty to full for $27.40, too cool. I've been using it as my daily driver and on the street, it doesn't handle too bad for a lifted short wheelbase 4x4. Like I said, better than most CJ's I've owned. I live on an island, so I've never had it over sixty according to the GPS hand held (not included). Since I've owned it I have filled the tank 5 times traveling around 20-30 miles a day, give or take. The wheels appear to be aligned, but the steering wheel is approx. 2 degrees off-center (no big deal) due I think to the suspension modifications. The new brakes and calipers I installed on the front do stop the car, but they could be better. I believe there maybe some air trapped in the lines somewhere, but I'm not sure. The Speedometer doesn't work, but the CD/Radio does (the display is just dim and hard to read). The air bags have been removed as this is a serious off-road toy. The body is a little rough with a few dents, dings and scratches, but still looks cool. Why pay much more for an ATV that you can't drive on the highway? This little monster isn't just for looks it really can and does go just about anywhere.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: black
Interior Color: gray
Engine: 4
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 190000
Sold For: $1,975

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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