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1968 Chevrolet Corvette 427 L71 Engine

Chevrolet Corvette 427 L71 Engine - 1968 - Picture 07EUC172516283A
Chevrolet Corvette 427 L71 Engine - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 07EUC172516283AChevrolet Corvette 427 L71 Engine - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 07EUC172516283BChevrolet Corvette 427 L71 Engine - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 07EUC172516283CChevrolet Corvette 427 L71 Engine - 1968 - Thumbnail Picture 07EUC172516283D

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About This 1968 Chevrolet Corvette

Posted: 31 May 2007

VERY RARE and original 427 435hp L71 Engine w/ Tri-power intake and carbs!

Motor: L71 1968 Corvette

Front stamp pad reads: TO914IR 188402139

Casting# 3916321 Date: H-18-7 (8-18-67)

Heads are rectangular port with the following casting#'s

#3919840 Date Code H-3-7

#3919840 Date Code H-2-7

Manifold is a Tripower #3919852

Date Code 10-23-67

The intake also has a snowflake with a W in the center


#3902353 List 3659 7B1

#3925517EV List 4055 7B2

#3902353 EU List 3659 7B1

The block is bored .030 and has the correct replacement pistons. There is NO wear in the cylinder walls. The crank is standard. The oil pan is correct for this engine in a 1968 Corvette (has the trap door) as well as the oil pump and the windage tray.

The intake system is nearly complete as there are just some fuel line parts missing as well as the aircleaner. The intake looks BRAND NEW with NO corrosion, cracks or even bolt/washer marks. The carbs look as good as the intake manifold!

Specs & Details

Engine: 8

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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