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1970 Rover 3500S V8

Rover  3500S V8 - 1970 - Picture 07EKH202002230A
Rover  3500S V8 - 1970 - Thumbnail Picture 07EKH202002230ARover  3500S V8 - 1970 - Thumbnail Picture 07EKH202002230BRover  3500S V8 - 1970 - Thumbnail Picture 07EKH202002230CRover  3500S V8 - 1970 - Thumbnail Picture 07EKH202002230DRover  3500S V8 - 1970 - Thumbnail Picture 07EKH202002230ERover  3500S V8 - 1970 - Thumbnail Picture 07EKH202002230FRover  3500S V8 - 1970 - Thumbnail Picture 07EKH202002230G

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About This 1970 Rover

Posted: 21 May 2007

1970 Rover 3500S

This car is in unbelievable original condition, from it's fine Tobacco Leaf Brown factory paint down to it's lush Tan interior, and spotless engine bay.

The Rover 3500S has the same body as the 2000/ 2000Tc, but instead of the hard working 2 liter, 4 cyl. engine, it uses the 3.5 liter aluminum V-8 that was designed in Detroit for the small Buick-Olds-Pontiac lines of 1961-1963. As an engine swap, it's one of the happiest hybrids ever encountered. There are 3 functional air hoods ( 1 for ram air ) and 2 for controlling Engine compartment temp ( adjustable for summer & winter driving ).







This is a very luxurious sedan with plenty of power, good handling, and a fun car to drive. It comes complete with an Ice Alert System, spare tire trunk conversion kit (with original tire cove-still in Rover bay ), original color hardback owners manual, and repair manual.

This car shows 13,144 miles. I CAN NOT verify that it is actual mileage, but from the condition of the car, both exterior and interior, it may very well be correct mileage. The engine compartment still displays all of the factory decals.

The engine runs strong, starts easily, and transmission ( recently serviced ) shifts very smoothly. The electrical system works well. The Tobacco Leaf Brown paint is in very nice condition with only minor nicks and dings that have been touched up. The interior is in beautiful shape with only minor wear on the drivers seat and driver carpet. The headliner and dash are in nearly new condition. This car has virtually no oil-leaks, which is unbelievable for a British car of this age. ( 37 yrs old ). This car is totaly rust free !!!!!!!!!! The chrome and stainless on the car looks nearly new.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: brown
Interior Color: tan
Engine: 8
Transmission: auto
Miles Driven: 13144

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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