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1983 AM General DJ5 Custom Mail Jeep

AM General DJ5 Custom Mail Jeep - 1983 - Picture 07E2H540113618A
AM General DJ5 Custom Mail Jeep - 1983 - Thumbnail Picture 07E2H540113618BAM General DJ5 Custom Mail Jeep - 1983 - Thumbnail Picture 07E2H540113618CAM General DJ5 Custom Mail Jeep - 1983 - Thumbnail Picture 07E2H540113618DAM General DJ5 Custom Mail Jeep - 1983 - Thumbnail Picture 07E2H540113618EAM General DJ5 Custom Mail Jeep - 1983 - Thumbnail Picture 07E2H540113618FAM General DJ5 Custom Mail Jeep - 1983 - Thumbnail Picture 07E2H540113618G

Posted: 03 May 2007

Archived Listing

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Specs & Details

Exterior: red
Interior: black
Engine: 4
Trans: auto
Miles: 49,800
Sold For: $2,667

One of a kind postal jeep. first let me say that this jeep can still be used to run a mail route if you want. this is a 1983 am general right hand drive postal jeep. One of the newer ones. It was used on a local mail route here in new jersey and the mileage is correct 49,000. the jeep it self has a little rust. The floors had been repaired some time back. There is some rust in the rear cargo area around the edges on the inside. We did not repair it but we treated it with a rust inhibitor so it would not spread. There are a few small rust areas under the truck but not on the frame. We treated all the areas we could. the truck was white and we sprayed it with 4 coats of hot indian red and a shot of clear coat. We did not fix every mark on the jeep since he was on a limited budget. The outside is not perfect but it looks great. Be prepared to be stopped by friends and wana be friends. I have been driving it around for about a week and someone has stopped me and asked about it every time i took it out. The truck needs very little. The lights work, the heater blows extra hot. It looks like there is a newer heater core in it. You will not be cold during the winter. the wipers work, the wiper blades are shot. The horn works when it wants to. The windows pull down but they are in need of some oil. the truck has non power brakes that work well and manual steering. All 4 tires are very good. The exhaust system is on the old side. We fixed it but it is rusty. It will need to be repaired again. I do have a replacement exhaust pipe that is brand new for this jeep and i will give it to winning bidder. Its not hard to put on. The jeep is not overly loud. The engine is a 4 cly and starts right up, very good on gas. I would change the oil since i know that i changed it last 4 months ago. we took out the seat and put a pair of seats in from an suv, great condition. next we put a 120 watt cd player in it jvc. Comes with a remote. It cranks. Excellent sound from 2- 3way rear speakers. The speakers can handle 250 watts. We were going to put an amp in but the budget would not allow us. than we put a 10' dvd player in. Mounted on the front dash. You can watch is as you play cards. It is easly removeable so you can take it with you if you want. Comes with a remote and 2 sets of head phones. The player has built in speakers also- i like this best of all. as you see from the pictures the jeep has a built in poker table. It take less than two minutes to set up. It can be set up in one of 2 way. The table can be set up to come directly ouy yhe back or on an angle. The difference is that you can have more players. The table and custom legs break down and easly fit in the back. The pictures says it all. Comes with the chips,cards and case. the truck also has electric floor mats. The flames on the mats light up neon red. If you want i still have the original mail tray. Its the winning bidders if he wants it.


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