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1997 Lotus Elise GT-1 Race Car

Lotus Elise GT-1 Race Car - 1997 - Picture 07DTC480600476A
Lotus Elise GT-1 Race Car - 1997 - Thumbnail Picture 07DTC480600476ALotus Elise GT-1 Race Car - 1997 - Thumbnail Picture 07DTC480600476BLotus Elise GT-1 Race Car - 1997 - Thumbnail Picture 07DTC480600476CLotus Elise GT-1 Race Car - 1997 - Thumbnail Picture 07DTC480600476DLotus Elise GT-1 Race Car - 1997 - Thumbnail Picture 07DTC480600476ELotus Elise GT-1 Race Car - 1997 - Thumbnail Picture 07DTC480600476FLotus Elise GT-1 Race Car - 1997 - Thumbnail Picture 07DTC480600476G

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About This 1997 Lotus Elise

Posted: 30 Apr 2007

This 1997 Lotus Elise GT-1 race car ( ID # 115A0105/5) is 1 of 7 built by Lotus GT-1 Racing. This race car was built to compete in the 1997 FIA GT Series and it is painted the Lotus colors, Green and Yellow and is in excellent condition. This car was raced by Marco Werner and Sandy Grau as the MVR Team Car # 19 and the car was designed to compete against the McLaren F1, Mercedes CLK-R and the Porsche GT-1. The original cost to build this race car was over $900,000. This rare Lotus GT1 race car features an aluminum chassis with a steel roll cage, mounted with a carbon fiber body. It is currently fitted with a fresh Lozano Brothers built 659 HP Corvette ZR-1 engine, tuned by Doug Rippie Motorsports, mated to a Hewland sequential 6 speed transmission, AP carbon fiber brakes and magnesium BBS wheels. This car features an EFI engine management system with a new AIM dash, Penske Shocks with Eibach springs, Also included is: spare body work, 4 sets of BBS magnesium alloy wheels, approximately 85 extra gear sets and a Lotus Racing built Corvette ZR-1 flat crank engine, another extra engine, plus much more... This Lotus GT-1 race car was just gone through by Metro Racing , located in Stuart Florida, and is probably the best sorted Lotus GT-1 race car in existance! This Lotus GT-1 is now eligable for HSR and other groups of Historic Racing. It should be an easy class winner in HSR Group 9. Or, it could be an ultimate Lotus Collectible, being the fastest and most powerful Sports-Racing cars ever produced by Lotus Cars.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: green
Interior Color: grey
Engine: 8
Transmission: manual

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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