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1958 Volvo PV 444

Volvo PV 444  - 1958 - Picture 07DCD483125345A
Volvo PV 444  - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07DCD483125345BVolvo PV 444  - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07DCD483125345CVolvo PV 444  - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07DCD483125345DVolvo PV 444  - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07DCD483125345EVolvo PV 444  - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07DCD483125345F

Posted: 13 Apr 2007

Archived Listing

(for informational purposes only)

Specs & Details

Exterior: white
Interior: tan
Engine: 4
Trans: manual
Miles: 21,650
Sold For: $6,750

This car has been thoroughly rebuilt by a previous owner. Restoration is well documented through pictures. Since rebuilt it has done 21,650 miles so far. I did myself around 12,000 miles with it. The B20 engine was rebuilt by Bill Rose, well known in the racing Volvo community of Florida. It has a 4 speeds M410 transmission working perfectly. Engine is running great, delivering quite a lot of power and the car keeps in the modern traffic pace very easily. As a matter of fact I’m using this car as a daily runner. No oil consumption. Sport exhaust system with double exit. The sound is great!! The engine is starting easily on the first solicitation even after a few days of immobilization. Choke is manual… no computer or electronics here, but you get quickly used to it. However an electronic ignition has been installed and no need for changing or tuning points. There are new brakes pads and cylinders installed last year, and new needles for the carbs. The brakes are not of the modern type with ABS and all sort of electronic gizmos and aids…. You have to push on the pedal… The way it was 50 years ago. But the brakes are quite good. 4 new tires. Good spare tire with cover. Some parts are coming with the car: one wheel cylinder, a pair of new brake pads, some emblems, etc… All gauges and electrical are working fine. The car is a 12v. The high beam foot switch just failed. A new one has been ordered and will be join to the car in this auction. This car has a factory (very rare) sunroof and comes with an original (rare) roof top luggage rack. Both elements are quite rare and add to the value of the car. Time has passed since the complete restoration and the body needs a little attention (see pictures): a little crack on the door at the window on the driver’s side. Internal skin at the bottom of the passenger door is rusty and the skin is perforated. The grill surround chrome is rusted on the bottom. With a little attention to body work this car can be again a sure winner in show. Interior is original. Age shows (almost half a century!) but it’s nice and clean. Bill Rose put new nice carpeting some 4 years ago. The driver’s side seat is worn. I have a complete used seats set (rear and front) as a spare which can go with the car is so desired. The original seat belts are still installed in the car. The PV 444 1958 was the first production car with seatbelts as standard equipment. You have here a part of automotive history!! Instrument panel is original and complete and everything is working. JVC radio with cassette player is working but a vandal broke the antenna…you’ll have to install a new one. The driver’s side door locking is a little tricky but working. Anyway a new LH locking is coming with the car, I didn’t have time to replace it. This car is coming without heating. I bought it like that and being in South Florida the need for a heating system was not primordial… One can be easily installed if needed; parts are easy to find at good antic Volvos specialists. The car comes with photo album of the restoration some years ago (I don’t know the exact date) before Bill Rose bought it from one of his clients. Probably in 2001. This car still has the original instruction book in really good shape. Also it comes with books like: -Su Carburetors’ tuning tips -Chilton’s Volvo 1956 to 1969 -Volvo owners’ handbook by Clymer -Glenn’s Volvo repair and tune up -2 X Volvo 544 instruction book, one is in perfect shape. -Swedish classic catalog -Volvo Service manual Part 0 (03) -Complete Service Manual PV 544 and P210 -special paint for white flank tires. -and some original brochures etc… etc…


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