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1951 Studebaker Commander Convertible

Studebaker  Commander Convertible - 1951 - Picture 07BK9305720438A
Studebaker  Commander Convertible - 1951 - Thumbnail Picture 07BK9305720438AStudebaker  Commander Convertible - 1951 - Thumbnail Picture 07BK9305720438BStudebaker  Commander Convertible - 1951 - Thumbnail Picture 07BK9305720438CStudebaker  Commander Convertible - 1951 - Thumbnail Picture 07BK9305720438DStudebaker  Commander Convertible - 1951 - Thumbnail Picture 07BK9305720438EStudebaker  Commander Convertible - 1951 - Thumbnail Picture 07BK9305720438FStudebaker  Commander Convertible - 1951 - Thumbnail Picture 07BK9305720438GStudebaker  Commander Convertible - 1951 - Thumbnail Picture 07BK9305720438HStudebaker  Commander Convertible - 1951 - Thumbnail Picture 07BK9305720438IStudebaker  Commander Convertible - 1951 - Thumbnail Picture 07BK9305720438J

About This 1951 Studebaker

Posted: 21 Feb 2007

It pains me to sell this car because it is one of those cars that has found a place in my heart. It’s certainly not as recognizable as a Ford of Chevy but if you like 'different', this is different! It’s just a fantastic little street rod that drives great and hasn’t given me any trouble at all. If you’ve been involved in the hobby for a while, you know that some cars just feel “right” while others, no matter how much was spent on the restoration, do not. This one just feels right and I think you’ll agree.

The car underwent a frame-off no expense spared restoration in 1995 and has been garaged ever since. I have many photos and receipts totalling over $30,000 verifying the extent of the restoration, not including the ost of the car. The car has been loved and well-cared for since it was completed.

It was equipped with a rebuilt Chevrolet V6 engine and Turbo 350 transmission with Lokar floor shifter. It actually gets pretty good gas milage and the power plant is plenty to move the car along quite nicely. This car has changed my mind about the necessity of installing a 350 V8 in a street rod. The V6 provides plenty of power, runs smooth, and is economical. I think it was an excellent choice for this car.

It’s a new front end but I can’t tell what kind of car it came from. It does have front disc brakes. It doesn’t not have power steering but it’s easier to steer than it should be so it may have rack & pinion steering. All gauges work as do the lights, heater and wipers.

The paint is of very high quality and still shines great. It is Dodge Viper red and it’s about the brightest red you have ever seen. The interior is bright white and there are no blemishes. The convertible top is almost new but does have some minor stress tears near a couple of the snaps. Rear window is clear. The tires are virtually new. There is an excellent quality sound system installed with Pioneer head unit with iPod connection, Infinity speakers and a powered Kicker 10' subwoofer in the trunk. You can hear the music loud and clear at highway speeds.

As for the value of this car, I owned a 1951 Studebaker Starlight Coupe street rod that was in a collector car auction in 2006. It was bid up to $43,000. That car had the typical 350 crate motor and had Vintage AC, but it was in about the same condition as this car and didn’t have the drop top. Accordingly, I would think this car would do about the same.

Issues: The power top is not functioning. The switch, motor, and arms are all there and the motor turns when the switch is activated. I have a shop manual and I can see what is missing are the 'flexible shafts' that attach the motor to the lift mechanism on either side. The original parts would be hard to find but it looks to me like this would be an easy fabrication. I have not had the problem fixed yet because the top goes up and down manually just fine. Also, the car has door poppers that are activated by a foot switch under each rocker panel. I don’t like door poopers to begin with but now that the doors have been shaved, we have no choice. But I would switch out the system so that the doors also open by remote control. There are a couple small cracks in the paint consistent with a ten-year-old restoration. Finally, this is definately a 1951 model but the title says 1950. I don’t know whether that matters to you. It didn’t to me.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: red
Interior Color: white
Engine: 6
Transmission: auto
Miles Driven: 28000

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