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1958 BMW Isetta 600

BMW Isetta 600 - 1958 - Picture 07B6G444803680A
BMW Isetta 600 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07B6G444803680ABMW Isetta 600 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07B6G444803680BBMW Isetta 600 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07B6G444803680CBMW Isetta 600 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07B6G444803680DBMW Isetta 600 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07B6G444803680EBMW Isetta 600 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07B6G444803680FBMW Isetta 600 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07B6G444803680GBMW Isetta 600 - 1958 - Thumbnail Picture 07B6G444803680H

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About This 1958 BMW Isetta

Posted: 07 Feb 2007

This BMW ISETTA 600 is a real collector / show car that atracts a lot attention. Complete 'frame off' restoration with professional help as needed. Runs great.

It was manufactured after WWII in Germany to provide the public with low cost transportation. It was then superseded by the VW. Very few were manufactured - (34 600) - and few imported to the US. It is difficult to find one in restorable condition. However, parts are available.

Car has a Clear title and is licensed and registered for the road. Matching Numbers. No inspection required as a Vintage vehicle

Powered by an aircooled BMW 600 twin cylinder engine - 582 cc/26hp/44mpg. 4 speed manual transmission.

'Novel' driver and passenger entrance in the front. Side door for 2 passengers in back. 4 seater and surprisingly roomy

Frame and undercarriage were bead blasted and powder coated.

New brakes - drums turned, new linings, new master and slave cylinders. New Shocks. New bearings throughout.

Complete rebuild and new parts for Engine, Transmission, Clutch and Carburetor. New Muffler.

New professional upholstery. Heavy grade black vinyl - cushions, backrests,side panels, door interior, storage space behind back seat and headliner. Cushions and backrests seamed for 3 panel.. New fiberglass molded tire cover under the dash is also vinyl covered. New quality carpet throughout.

Professional paint - silver

New Yokohoma Tires

New Chrome

Body and windows in excellent condition (no cracks) and open easily. Solid door fit and operation. All gaskets renewed, undercoated.

Special built 2 wheel trailer available for transporting - shows etc. 12v electric in / out winch. Ramps for easy loading. Tows nicely hardly know it is there.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: silver
Interior Color: black
Engine: 2
Transmission: manual
Sold For: $24,600

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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