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1926 Rolls-Royce Springfield Silver Ghost

Rolls-Royce  Springfield Silver Ghost - 1926 - Picture 07A2G314500520A
Rolls-Royce  Springfield Silver Ghost - 1926 - Thumbnail Picture 07A2G314500520ARolls-Royce  Springfield Silver Ghost - 1926 - Thumbnail Picture 07A2G314500520BRolls-Royce  Springfield Silver Ghost - 1926 - Thumbnail Picture 07A2G314500520CRolls-Royce  Springfield Silver Ghost - 1926 - Thumbnail Picture 07A2G314500520DRolls-Royce  Springfield Silver Ghost - 1926 - Thumbnail Picture 07A2G314500520E

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About This 1926 Rolls-Royce

Posted: 03 Jan 2007

Up for sale by its owner due to health reasons is this incrediblely original Silver Ghost. Built in 1926 by Rolls-Royce in Springfield with a rare sedan body. She runs and drives very well, has a strong engine, and is a big and powerful automobile with lots of room.

The chassis number is S395RL, and its engine number is 22955. This is the sixth from the last of only 1,703 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts built in Springfield, Massachusetts. Perfect for Preservation Award.

Prior to 1946, when a customer purchased a vehicle from Rolls-Royce, a chassis such as this is what the factory would deliver. The chassis would be sent to whatever coachbuilder the customer preferred to be fitted with a body. The customer would then discuss with the coachbuilder’s design staff the exact specifications of the body, much the same way as a client would discuss with an architect the specifications of a new house. From the sweep of the fenders to the choice of interior woods, the choices were virtually endless.

This chassis was made at the Rolls-Royce factory in Springfield, Massachusetts, to the order of a T J McKinney of Buffalo, New York. On the chassis is a Pickwick (special) body number RR-1834, a seven-passenger Double-Enclosed Drive body.

A rare, American-built example, one of a small number built in left hand drive format. The chassis and running gear has had considerable refurbishment work over a period of years, and the body is completely original. The engine was just installed following a complete rebuild by a Rolls specialist. She runs incredibly silent and has great power. The car is a medium Brewster Green with light green sides and hood. The rear compartment is completely original and is in decent condition, but will benefit from conservation, including a good cleaning and infilling of some holes. The leather on the driver’s seat is aged and checkered.

Lovely and solid, this fine example offers a rare opportunity to obtain a desirable vehicle at a sensible price. The ultimate blue-chip auto investment.

This car, being such a late model has the benefit of all the modifications Rolls-Royce made to the Silver Ghost.

Records indicate that the car had 53,400 miles on it in 1943; 84,060 in 1949; 133,432 in 1965; 157,372 in 1985; and 185,000 today. You would become only the 5th owner of this unusual Silver Ghost.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: green
Interior Color: gray
Engine: 6
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 185000
Sold For: $92,500

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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