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1973 Triumph GT6 Mk III

Triumph GT6 Mk III - 1973 - Picture 06J8N074014985A
Triumph GT6 Mk III - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 06J8N074014985ATriumph GT6 Mk III - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 06J8N074014985BTriumph GT6 Mk III - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 06J8N074014985CTriumph GT6 Mk III - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 06J8N074014985DTriumph GT6 Mk III - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 06J8N074014985ETriumph GT6 Mk III - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 06J8N074014985FTriumph GT6 Mk III - 1973 - Thumbnail Picture 06J8N074014985G

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1973 Triumph GT6

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About This 1973 Triumph GT6

Posted: 09 Oct 2006

This car was restored by Doc Martin of

Details: This is a very special car. It is a fully restored late model Mark III. I have just finished the cosmetic and mechanical restoration! This is a beautiful example of one of the last Triumph GT6 automobiles. This car is often referred to as the 'poor man's Jaguar E-type'. It's got looks and power. This one has many more special features going for it as well. I originally bought this car five years ago as I was looking for a reliable and fun classic car to use as an occasional daily driver. She has always been dead reliable, but I've put on only about 2000 miles as I took her apart to restore her.

This car's history: Three owners total, including me. Five years ago I flew to North Carolina and drove her home to Long Island. She was well cared for by a Navy chaplain (the second owner) and she had spent much of her days in Southern California. The chaplain, a very handy gentleman, transferred to the East Coast in the late 90's after having spent most of his career at the Pacific coast fleet station at San Diego. He had bought the car from a Navy buddy in the early 1980s. That friend was also stationed in San Diego and he was the original owner.

I chose this car out of many as it was rust free, had the latest Mark III body styling, and most importantly had a bulletproof swing spring rear suspension as opposed to the problematic rotoflex suspension of the many GT6 cars before it.

The Best Feature, it came equipped with a very special custom A/C and Heat unit. The chaplain had painstakingly hidden a VINTAGE AIR brand custom air conditioning and heating unit into the car. He used a unit designed to be put in Hot Rod vehicles and the best part is that it hides behind the dash and uses all the original vents. You don't even realize its there. It blows Very Cold on A/C in the summer and Very Hot on heat in the winter. It also defrosts great. Now, you may ask yourself when the last time you had good interior heating or cooling in a classic British Car? Most would say never.

Mechanical System:

This car shows 34565 miles. I really can't comment how actual that is because I really don't know. I will comment, however, that she runs super and has great oil pressure, with no leaks, no smoke, and great compression. The car has its original Stromberg 150 carbs. They occasionally require oil in the dampers. They work very well when the engine is at operating temp. Overdrive and gearbox were just put in. The differential was rebuilt a few years before I got her. Brakes are upgraded and work very well. Fresh Brake master cylinder too. All gauges work. All lights work. No electrical problems. A/C and Heat work well. No alternator issues. New battery with cut-off.


-A small worn spot on the outer drivers seat. The seats were redone a few years before I got the car. The spot developed from getting in and out of the very low car.

-Front Bumper, couldn't locate an NOS one. I used the best of two. It has one ding midline but not major. I'll give you a second that you can send out to be chromed if you choose too.

-Door ding and small paint chip(s) there is one small chip on each door from when I reassembled things, really no big deal. I'll give you one extra pint of paint that was left over from the paint job. The body shop missed fixing one or two small door dings on the passenger door. You really can't see them unless you are under the right light.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: red
Interior Color: black
Engine: 6
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 34565
Sold For: $9,300

Source: private party

Anytown, U.S.A.

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