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1987 Chevrolet C/K 1500 Monster Truck

Chevrolet C/K 1500 Monster Truck - 1987 - Picture 06ISE372915530A
Chevrolet C/K 1500 Monster Truck - 1987 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISE372915530BChevrolet C/K 1500 Monster Truck - 1987 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISE372915530CChevrolet C/K 1500 Monster Truck - 1987 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISE372915530DChevrolet C/K 1500 Monster Truck - 1987 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISE372915530EChevrolet C/K 1500 Monster Truck - 1987 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISE372915530FChevrolet C/K 1500 Monster Truck - 1987 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISE372915530GChevrolet C/K 1500 Monster Truck - 1987 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISE372915530HChevrolet C/K 1500 Monster Truck - 1987 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISE372915530I

Posted: 29 Sep 2006

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Specs & Details

Exterior: white
Interior: black
Engine: 8
Trans: manual

I completed this build in 1996. As you will see in the pictures I combined strength, saftey and comfort into one package while still maintaining the true truck. There is no fiberglass here and this truck is pure Chevy. Entire frame has been boxed & modified accordingly. There are no stock components. Completely custom hand built sub frame 4-Link suspension- no sway bars (this was my preferance) Pro-Fab 12' Quick Change Transfer case. Buyer will recieve three sets of gears- 3:1 2 1/2:1 & 1:1 Front & rear drive shafts & and four link bars are interchangable. (Same length) 2 1/2 Ton Rockwell military axles 6:72 gear Pro built small block Chevy- 680 HP on Dyno at 10lbs boost. Engine was built by Speedway Precision Machine, San Antonio Texas. I have all specs available for engine. Block is O-ringed. Roller cam. This is a true blower motor. MSD Ignition system Barry Grant fuel system Custom built radiator, built for sustained running Turbo 400 Trans, manual shift kit. Built by Proformance Transmission Http:// Bilstein Shocks, Eibach springs. 16' travel Corbeu Carrera GT8 Racing seats with 5 point harness Ron Franis wiring system with extra capacity power block Vintage Air cab heating and defrosting system Truck rides on Firestone 48x31x20 Super Deep Tread tires (These are not the firestones that were on the Ford Explorers) Joke. Tires actually measure 52' Overall, the truck has very little time on it. This truck is not a cruzer and it is certainly not streetable in any state. There are a few states with no laws, I know this, however, this truck was not designed for driving at any high speed. This truck was built with purpose- to fly, climb and use off road. Period. To carry any real speed, sway bars will need to be added. That's the truck in a very small nut shell, no corners were cut during this build. I built this truck with the help of a few good friends. We are all skilled fabricators. This is a good strong, well built truck. The new owner will recieve any items I have that relate to this truck, spare axle shafts, fuel pumps, blower pulleys, ect. I drove this truck off of a Chevy dealer lot in 1987. Brand new. It has been a part of me for 20 years.


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