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1986 Zimmer Quicksilver

Zimmer  Quicksilver - 1986 - Picture 06ISD312114943A
Zimmer  Quicksilver - 1986 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISD312114943BZimmer  Quicksilver - 1986 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISD312114943CZimmer  Quicksilver - 1986 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISD312114943DZimmer  Quicksilver - 1986 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISD312114943EZimmer  Quicksilver - 1986 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISD312114943FZimmer  Quicksilver - 1986 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISD312114943GZimmer  Quicksilver - 1986 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISD312114943HZimmer  Quicksilver - 1986 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISD312114943IZimmer  Quicksilver - 1986 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISD312114943JZimmer  Quicksilver - 1986 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISD312114943KZimmer  Quicksilver - 1986 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISD312114943LZimmer  Quicksilver - 1986 - Thumbnail Picture 06ISD312114943M

Posted: 29 Sep 2006

Archived Listing

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Specs & Details

Exterior: black
Interior: tan
Engine: 6
Trans: auto
Miles: 47,109
Sold For: $12,601

This is a 1986 Zimmer Quicksilver. This is one of the rarest factory-built automobiles made in the last 60 years! This particular car: HAS ONLY 47K ORIGINAL MILES ON IT!!! IS NUMBER 30 OF ONLY 170 EVER MADE IN A THREE YEAR RUN IS THE ONLY CUSTOM CAR EVER MADE ON A PONTIAC FIERO CHASSIS!!! AND IS COMPLETE IN BEAUTIFUL CONDITION! As you have already seen this is one pristine neo-classical American car even considering it is 20 years old! This Quicksilver is a true custom American classic mostly hand built in Florida. The body is all fiberglass and it is mounted on a stretched Pontiac Fiero chassis. The Zimmer Quicksilver was a full 29 inches longer than the standard Fiero! You’ll notice the custom looking overhangs both front and rear. And every American car lover will fall in lust with the fully chromed all-metal bumpers! This was most likely the LAST AMERICAN CAR with bumpers made the way they used to! They are both in excellent condition and the chrome, welllll, just look at it! You can’t beat that front view! The stock black paint is looking better than any other 20-year old car I have seen. The Zimmer factory put down six full coats! We could only find one blemish on the very front middle of the driver’s door. Otherwise, you’ll be super impressed! While the car hasn’t been hiding in a garage all it’s life, all it really needs is a good professional detailing. There are a few of the standard little nicks and scratches anyone would expect to find on 20-year old black paint but nothing that will stop you from winning a trophy at just about any local car show in the country just for showing up! For a 20 year old non-smoking custom interior we were stunned! The Recaro style seats are all beautifully done in leather and you sit nicely tucked in with the higher Fiero center console. This is some of the highest quality leather work we have ever seen! There is very little, if any, wear at all showing anywhere. This is really a beautifully kept interior for its age!


1986 Zimmer Classic Coupe

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