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1966 Iso Grifo Coupe

Iso Grifo Coupe - 1966 - Picture 06HN8452826874A
Iso Grifo Coupe - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 06HN8452826874BIso Grifo Coupe - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 06HN8452826874CIso Grifo Coupe - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 06HN8452826874DIso Grifo Coupe - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 06HN8452826874EIso Grifo Coupe - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 06HN8452826874FIso Grifo Coupe - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 06HN8452826874GIso Grifo Coupe - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 06HN8452826874HIso Grifo Coupe - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 06HN8452826874IIso Grifo Coupe - 1966 - Thumbnail Picture 06HN8452826874J

Posted: 24 Aug 2006

Archived Listing

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Specs & Details

Exterior: blue
Interior: black
Engine: 8
Trans: manual
Miles: 17,500

1966 Iso Grifo Model: GL365 Chassis Number: GL610019/D Engine Number: 717F01075Q Registration Number: Iso Transmission: 4 speed Rear axle: 3.07:1 Perhaps one of the greatest automotive designs from Giorgetto Giugiaro whilst at Bertone, built on a proven chassis designed by Giotto Bizzarrini and presented at the 1963 Torino Show. The first production car was completed in August 1965. It was labelled 'The gem of Italian Motoring' with a top speed of 165 MPH. Iso Grifo #19/D is one of only 2 RHD of a total of 24 Series 1 model GL365 with 365HP engine from a total production run of 402 Grifos. Equipped with a 327ci Corvette engine â€' typically fitted with 11:1 compression ratio, solid lifters, and Iso's own finned aluminium oil pan â€' producing 365HP. T10 4 speed transmission, LSD/De Dion rear axle, four wheel disc brakes and a dry weight of just over 2800lbs, the Grifo can produce remarkable performance and roadholding, and can be compared favorably with many cars 40 years younger. According to records, Iso Grifo, #019/D was completed on 24th February 1966. It was probably imported into London by HW Motors, the first Iso concessionaire to Britain. There were only 2 RHD GL365 Grifos made. The first - #18/D was the British demonstrator car. It was presumed to be badly damaged in 1967 and rebuilt (the present owner is unknown). This car, Grifo #19/D, the second car, was sold to a businessman in the fashion industry. In 1968, it was imported into Melbourne, Australia by Brents Sports Car World, one of the foremost outlets in Australia for high performance cars of the 1960's, and was sold soon after. The new owner drove it very sparingly, but as one of his former mechanics told me, he used to take great delight in showing the car's performance capabilities to other drivers on the road. After a short period of time, the Grifo was put aside and untouched for 23 years. In 1993, having travelled only 16,500 miles (26,400Kms) since new, #019/D was purchased by well known classic car and Iso aficionado, Lance Dixon, who began the task of carefully returning it to its present condition. A sympathetic restoration was commenced that year to return #019/D to its former glory. The engine was disassembled, inspected and reassembled with new rings and bearings. All the original bodywork hardware and trim was refitted following repainting in a stunning shade of blue similar to the original. The interior was cleaned and refitted using new carpets but retaining the original untouched black leather (the console being a recreation â€' the original having been lost during storage). Several upgrades were included during this time, including the fitting of power steering from an Iso Lele, hydraulically operated clutch, Koni dampers, extractors, retractable seat belts, security system and CD player. All fitted with the expectation that this Grifo should remain a useable classic, but not to detract from its originality. Iso Grifo #019/D now meticulously refurbished and registered 'ISO', has travelled a mere 17,450 miles (27,900Kms) in forty years. It is fitted with 15 x 7' Campagnolo centrelock magnesium alloy wheels. Borrani alloy wire wheels are also available with the car at an additional cost. One photo of the car is shown with these wheels fitted.


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