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1965 Ford Mustang Fastback A/FX 427

Ford Mustang Fastback A/FX 427 - 1965 - Picture 06BKM532016292A
Ford Mustang Fastback A/FX 427 - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 06BKM532016292BFord Mustang Fastback A/FX 427 - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 06BKM532016292CFord Mustang Fastback A/FX 427 - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 06BKM532016292DFord Mustang Fastback A/FX 427 - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 06BKM532016292EFord Mustang Fastback A/FX 427 - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 06BKM532016292FFord Mustang Fastback A/FX 427 - 1965 - Thumbnail Picture 06BKM532016292G

Posted: 21 Feb 2006

Archived Listing

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Specs & Details

Exterior: red
Interior: black
Engine: 8
Trans: manual
Miles: 1

What you are looking at is a 1965 Factory Ford Race car, that was sent to Holman Moody to be prepped for A/FX drag racing, much like the Factory Ford Thunderbolts (You may remember the M/T Hemi Thunderbolt that I also have had up for sale, it was sent to Dearborn Steel Tubing, to be set up for the 1964 Season) There is some debate on how many Factory Ford '65 A/FX Mustangs were built, some say 10 and others say 11, which could be true, perhaps Holman Moody built some for a few private teams. But most believe there were 10-11 New Factory Ford Mustangs, as this car is one of them. A very rare opportunity to own a piece of Ford history, not to often these cars have even come up for sale. Today there have been only 5 unearthed, with 4 restored, and one semi restored w/ a 460 in it. Farther down in the auction, I got a list of cars and there were abouts. As you know these cars were built to race, and be driven hard, so as you can imagine, some got wrecked and scrapped, these were just old race cars back in the day, and after the season was over, they were built, altered, sold to other teams or scrapped for metal. History of the Larsen Ford/Bob Hamilton 'Long Gone'A/FX Mustang: There is a very long letter of the history of Bob Hamilton racing career. There is also 2 hand written letters from Bob Hamilton, talking about the car. There are pictures of a '64 Galaxie race car that he bought for his wife to race, but in the pictures it shows him with his helmet and trophy. He and his wife were also racing a '65 Mustang Fastback 289 Hipo out of the Larson Ford Inventory before they stepped up to the car you see here. The car was delivered to Holman Moody in its factory Red paint, and converted with all the special suspension parts, and race equipment. Then it was delivered to Larsen Ford and Bob Hamilton picked the car up, Hamilton said is was snowing like crazy that day. They started racing it with the 427 Wedge, about mid summer they got the new 427 SOHC, and not to long after the Injection System was installed. Some of the quickest time slips were 9.98 @139mph from what he remembered, 10.2 runs were common, if conditions were right, they could bring the car in the high 9's. They stopped racing 'Long Gone' in the Fall of 1966, and the car was returned to Larsen Ford, and put on their showroom, to be put up for sale, Hamilton said it was still red with the letting at that time. We have a couple different ads from Drag Times, I put in the auction on of them, it is on page 20, from Larsen Ford, advertising '427 Overhead Cam Holman & Moody Built Mustang - Ready to Race- A deal you can't beat!' Also on the page it talks Cobras for sale, and GT350 Supercharged Shelby Mustangs. Not sure who bought it from Larsen Ford but we do know, John Skistimas ended up with it, for the 1967 season, and painted the car Blue and white and raced it as the 'Jersey Rattler'. The 427 SOHC motor was very scarce back in 1965, they were originally built for Nascar, to compete against the Mopar Hemi cars. The 427 SOHC never made it into Nascar, because Ford never made a public production model offering the engine, if they did, I believe there would have had to be around 500 in production for Nascar. So, the next best thing, since there were no rules for the NHRA on production. So for 1965 there were 10-11 Factory A/FX Mustangs sent to Holman Moody, 7 started out with 427 SOHC, and the remaining 3 or 4 cars were given the 427 Wedge motor, since there were not enough to go around. The wedge cars soon got the 427 SOHC during the 1965 Race Season, as did the Larsen Ford 'LONG GONE'. I have to tell you at this point if you have not figured it out already, this is the real deal, it is not a clone, or replica, it is the real deal, only 5 exist today. Out of that 5, I seriously doubt anyone will ever get a chance to own one, this is a rare opportunity, this car is highly documented, with letters from Bob Hamilton, different bills of sales through the years, and many racing pictures, of 'Long Gone'. Also many pictures of the car when it was sold to John Skistimas, who owned it in 1967 and raced it as the 'Jersey Rattler', it was than sold by Skistimas in 1969, to a gentleman named Bernard Friedman. He in 1970 traded it for a 427 Falcon, straight across less engine and tranny, to Thomas Stanke out in Michigan. There is a 2 page letter from Stanke, with pictures of the Falcon he traded for the Long Gone/Jersey Rattler, he than had it painted Gold with blue down the side, there is a picture of it on a Dark Blue car hauler when he got it back from the paint shop. The car was sold to Connie Moore of Oklahoma in 1982, and there is a picture of it, on a car trailer, being pulled by tan and red Chevrolet pickup. I am not sure, but from Stanke's letter it talks about the Hajeks of Oklahoma, sending him Christmas cards, which I have pictures of also, not sure if they bought it from Moore or not. There are some pictures of the car in 1988 being restored, and finished in 1992. It was completely restored by Randy Delisio in January of 1992, at that time there were only 4 of these cars to be know to exist. Randy Delisio of Super 'Stang, was considered to be one of the premier restorers of Factory Race Cars. The car was owned by Dave Geiger who I believe was partners with Boyd Coddington. The title is an Indiana Title, signed off by Body Coddington, and interesting to note Geigers wife was the lein holder, which she also signed off, this is the legal title that goes with the car. Then it was sold to Gary Newton Enterprises around 1995, than to a gentleman in B.C. Canada, by the last name of Newness, and he than sold it to the gentleman I am selling the car for. Newton, and Newness are on the back of the title under the reassignement, and there is a 3rd reassignment open on the car. Though I seriously doubt anyone will ever change the title over, especially since it is signed off by Body Coddington when he was 'Hot Rods By Boyd East'. When it was restored, it had a 427 SOHC motor in it which is the additional motor you will also get with the car, with dual 4bbl carburetors, with the big tube induction system that goes through the radiator supports, much like the Thunderbolt. The current owner wanted to have a motor built like the Injected motor, that it had in 1965. It was also injected while it was the 'Jersey Rattler.' The Current owner wanted to drive the car, and take it to shows, and do some drag racing, without fear of doing anything to the vintage 427 SOHC motor as you know these are very hard to get a hold of, around $35-50K. The car now has a 427 SOHC engine in it, but the block is a converted 427 Side Oiler, the rest of the engine, is all SOHC items, with Hilborn Injection. It has 2 hoods with the car, the tear drop hood, you will see in a picture, and the new hood for the injector stacks. Originally, when Hamilton put the injection on the car, they cut the tear drop hood, so the stacks would clear it, that hood was destroyed by a scatter shield that blew up, there are pictures of that also. The car again started out as a 427 Wedge, and soon got a 427 SOHC motor and soon after that, Bob Hamilton and Larson Ford, set it up with Hilborn Injection, there is pictures of it that way back in the day, and in Hamiltons letters, he talks about it. Condition of the car today is very good, you have to remember this is a factory race car, and it has been restored as such. It has been raced some, but not pushing the limits, keeping it around the mid to high 10's. The paint on the car is very good, but is around 15 years old, but looks great for a restored race car. When it was being raced for show this last summer, the wheels lifted off the ground pretty common in a car like this, and when it came down, the front passenger fender corner, hit and chipped the paint, so that will need to be repainted, other than that paint is good on the car. The doors, fenders, and 2 hoods (one Tear drop, and the Injection Hood) are both fiberglass. The tear drop hood on top of the scoop, has a stress crack across the top that I noticed. The front bumper is also fiberglass as it was originally. Also you will notice the headlight buckets are molded into the fenders. The rear window and side windows are Plexi Glass, and the side windows roll up and down, nicely. There is a roll bar in the car, which is a full cage, but originally it had a roll bar behind the seats only, over time someone put the cage in it, and when they restored it they decided to leave it since it was part of the history of the car. The Engine runs very good, just turn the key on, and let the fuel pump build up, and turn it over, Fuel injection is so nice, and it runs very nice, and smooth, way better than the carburetors. There is nothing better than hearing an a Injected 427 SOHC with only headers, and smelling that racing fuel, there is just something about it. The engine is very powerful, not sure the HP but I would imagine around 600hp. The transmission shifts nicely, it is a 4spd which all the car were, it does have an aftermarket scattershield, but you also get an original NHRA approved 1965-66 cast iron one with the car. You will see a picture of addition items that come with the car. It has disc brakes up front. Everything works well, for a race car, not sure if lights inside work or not didn't check. Oil pressure is very good at idle it is sitting at 75-80 psi.


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