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1957 Desoto Fireflite Convertible

Desoto Fireflite Convertible - 1957 - Picture 05KSN312620944A
Desoto Fireflite Convertible - 1957 - Thumbnail Picture 05KSN312620944ADesoto Fireflite Convertible - 1957 - Thumbnail Picture 05KSN312620944BDesoto Fireflite Convertible - 1957 - Thumbnail Picture 05KSN312620944CDesoto Fireflite Convertible - 1957 - Thumbnail Picture 05KSN312620944DDesoto Fireflite Convertible - 1957 - Thumbnail Picture 05KSN312620944EDesoto Fireflite Convertible - 1957 - Thumbnail Picture 05KSN312620944FDesoto Fireflite Convertible - 1957 - Thumbnail Picture 05KSN312620944GDesoto Fireflite Convertible - 1957 - Thumbnail Picture 05KSN312620944H

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About This 1957 Desoto Fireflite

Posted: 29 Nov 2005

This car was purchased in Portland, OR and two years later the owner mover to Wisconsin where it stayed with him until the current owner bought it six years ago. Both owners are friends so it is known that the vehicle was always kept indoors in a heated garage and never driven in the cold snowy Wisconsin wenters. The DeSoto was repainted about 25 years ago and looks magnificent today. The original color of the vehicle was green and Ivory, when the car was repainted it was changed to a green and white to better satisfy the owners taste. Per the owner there are no dents, dings or scratches anywhere on this vehicle. The vehicle is rock sold with no rust on, in or under the car. Both owners have meticulously maintained this car. The extent of the restoration was the paint and the interior! The cloth and vinyl seats, dash and carpet are in near perfect condition. The power top works flawlessly, all gauges and knobs are original and everything except the clock works.

The 392ci (HEMI) was taken out of the car at 61,000 miles and another completely rebuilt 392ci (hemi) was placed in the car. The mechanic that built the motor was a certified Chrysler Mechanic. At the time the odometer was rolled back to zero and now shows 10,800 with 1,000 of those added just this past year. The HEMI powered DeSoto Convertible runs like a champ.

Specs & Details

Exterior Color: green
Interior Color: green
Engine: 8
Transmission: auto
Miles Driven: 10,000

Source: Top Shelf Reps

Aurora, Colorado, U.S.A.
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