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1960 Jaguar Mark IX Saloon

Jaguar Mark IX Saloon - 1960 - Picture 05K90242312417A
Jaguar Mark IX Saloon - 1960 - Thumbnail Picture 05K90242312417AJaguar Mark IX Saloon - 1960 - Thumbnail Picture 05K90242312417BJaguar Mark IX Saloon - 1960 - Thumbnail Picture 05K90242312417CJaguar Mark IX Saloon - 1960 - Thumbnail Picture 05K90242312417DJaguar Mark IX Saloon - 1960 - Thumbnail Picture 05K90242312417EJaguar Mark IX Saloon - 1960 - Thumbnail Picture 05K90242312417FJaguar Mark IX Saloon - 1960 - Thumbnail Picture 05K90242312417GJaguar Mark IX Saloon - 1960 - Thumbnail Picture 05K90242312417H
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Source: Victory CarsFort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.
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Posted: 10 Nov 2005

Specs & DetailsExterior Color: grey
Interior Color: brown
Engine: 6
Transmission: auto
Sold For: $22,100

About This 1960 Jaguar Mark

Last of the Mohicans ! The last BIG Jaguar made..A beautiful , great running and driving car. Automatic with elec. overdrive , strong six cyl.engine. These are such wonderful and in my humble opinion very underrated cars ! If you're looking for a nice , great touring vehicle , this is it. This car radiates class and character ! So many cool details , not just the picnictables in the rear , but also the way the ventwindow opens in the rear , the design of the aut. trans shifter , the whole interior really ! Outside is very nice too , with good paint and chrome and nice two-tone paintscheme. A great car from an era when manufacturers still cared about quality craftmanship that showed especially in the details..Real wood on the dash and seats etc, no plastic consoles and ashtrays , aaarrgh ! I had a XK 8 not too long ago , looked and drove great , but the interior..don't ask ! Anyway ,this is a fine automobile , very presentable all around , ready for you to proudly own and enjoy ! Oh yeah , and she has a factory sunroof too ! Check out the pictures , this is a NICE car , worth every penny ! MAKE OFFER NOW ! SPECIAL HURRICANE DISCOUNT BECAUSE OF LACK OF LOCAL WALK-IN CUSTOMERS ! ALL my cars are fine , no damage , and secure in a warehouse rightnow.

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