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1989 Volvo 780 Bertone Coupe

Volvo 780 Bertone Coupe - 1989 - Picture 05JHN570112515A
Volvo 780 Bertone Coupe - 1989 - Thumbnail Picture 05JHN570112515AVolvo 780 Bertone Coupe - 1989 - Thumbnail Picture 05JHN570112515BVolvo 780 Bertone Coupe - 1989 - Thumbnail Picture 05JHN570112515CVolvo 780 Bertone Coupe - 1989 - Thumbnail Picture 05JHN570112515DVolvo 780 Bertone Coupe - 1989 - Thumbnail Picture 05JHN570112515EVolvo 780 Bertone Coupe - 1989 - Thumbnail Picture 05JHN570112515FVolvo 780 Bertone Coupe - 1989 - Thumbnail Picture 05JHN570112515GVolvo 780 Bertone Coupe - 1989 - Thumbnail Picture 05JHN570112515H

Source: highestbydBrooklyn, NY, U.S.A.
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Posted: 18 Oct 2005

Specs & DetailsExterior Color: silver
Interior Color: grey
Engine: 4
Transmission: auto
Miles Driven: 120,950

About This 1989 Volvo 780

You are viewing a beautiful 1989 Volvo 780 Bertone coupe. This Volvo is in great condition all around. It has a 4 cylinder turbo engine which is very powerful and known fors its reliability and fuel efficiency, and a smooth shifting automatic transmission. The exterior is in great shape. The gray paint looks great and is all original. Never in an accident! The two tone interior is also in great shape, the leather is like new with no rips or tears whatsoever. There is no rust whatsoever as this car has spent all its life in sunny Texas. Stands on original BBS wheels with nearly new tires all around. We even have all the original keys supplied by the dealer. If you value a car for how it was serviced you will love this car. We have all maintenance records from the day this car was purchased, we even have the original window sticker. The maintenance booklet is stampled all the way through 80k miles. There is also a huge amount of receipts for work done to the car at a certified Volvo dealer until the rpesent milleage. The timing belt has been replaced at 120k miles, the air conditioning has been retrofitted to R134A The carpets are clean, the headliner is clean. This is a NON-Smoker car. Has a current NJ inspection! This rare Bertone coupe is Carfax certified so you may bid with confidence. I think it will be nearly impossible to find another bertone in this shape no matter how hard you try!

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