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1954 Ford Crestline Sunliner Convertible

Ford Crestline Sunliner Convertible - 1954 - Picture 05HHN231404846A
Ford Crestline Sunliner Convertible - 1954 - Thumbnail Picture 05HHN231404846AFord Crestline Sunliner Convertible - 1954 - Thumbnail Picture 05HHN231404846BFord Crestline Sunliner Convertible - 1954 - Thumbnail Picture 05HHN231404846CFord Crestline Sunliner Convertible - 1954 - Thumbnail Picture 05HHN231404846DFord Crestline Sunliner Convertible - 1954 - Thumbnail Picture 05HHN231404846EFord Crestline Sunliner Convertible - 1954 - Thumbnail Picture 05HHN231404846FFord Crestline Sunliner Convertible - 1954 - Thumbnail Picture 05HHN231404846GFord Crestline Sunliner Convertible - 1954 - Thumbnail Picture 05HHN231404846HFord Crestline Sunliner Convertible - 1954 - Thumbnail Picture 05HHN231404846IFord Crestline Sunliner Convertible - 1954 - Thumbnail Picture 05HHN231404846J

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About This 1954 Ford Crestline

Posted: 18 Aug 2005

You are viewing a fully restored 1954 Ford Crestline Sunliner Convertible. This car is part of a collection of cars owned by the widow of the a classic enthusiast. The information available on this car is limited due to these circumstances and the condition of the vehicle should stand for its self. It has been stored for the last three years in a 50's dance hall also belonging to the owner. It has been driven during the last three years numerous times in local events and as part of the Limo service located in the same building. It appears to have been completely restored from top to bottom at some time in recent years. It is Yellow in color with a Black & Yellow Vinyl interior. The paint is in excellent condition. The interior is like new and features a matching Black power top and boot which is also in excellent condition. It rides on gangster wide whitewall tires. Under the hood you will find a 130 HP, 239 V8 w/ manual Choke , which was the standard engine for it during production. It appears to be restored as well and I am assuming it to be a matching numbers car per the owner.( Vin# U4GC184772 -Decoded reads U-239w/ohv/130 hp , 4-1954, 6 - Mfg in Chicago, Body Code 76B - Crestline Convertible Coupe). The transmission is a 3 on the tree w/OD and there is what appears to be a newly rebuilt or new old stock Transmission that comes with it in the trunk. Production in 1954 was only 33,685 so needless to say these puppies are rare. Especially in this condition. The odometer reads 81000 plus but actual miles on the restoration are unknown. Current owner believes them to be less than 1000. As I said this is part of a collection of cars that is being sold by the widow of the collector and based on the condition of the other cars I will be listing and the oblivious condition of this car , we feel this 1954 Crestline Sunliner Convertible will be a solid investment for the next owner and will demand top dollar in todays market. She is a good driver and in excellent condition, currently looking for a new home. How about yours?

Specs & Details

Interior Color: yellow / black
Engine: 8
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 1,000

Source: Bad Boyz Toyzz

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
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