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1971 Dodge van brown

Dodge van brown - 1971 - Picture 05GDM001331949A
Dodge van brown - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05GDM001331949ADodge van brown - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05GDM001331949BDodge van brown - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05GDM001331949CDodge van brown - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05GDM001331949DDodge van brown - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05GDM001331949EDodge van brown - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05GDM001331949FDodge van brown - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05GDM001331949G

About This 1971 Dodge van

Posted: 14 Jul 2005

i have a 1971 dodge van for sale.about 105000 miles 318 with a 3 speed manual[3 on the tree]idles good,but has a miss when it has a load on it.also needs rear is a window van.interior is set up for camping with a bed in back,cabinet behind drivers seats and carpeting.very solid for a wisconsin van.rust in front of left rear tire,all other body panels in very nice shape.original bronze paint still on her.front bumper and metal grill in nice shape.pass. side mirror needs replacing,floors are very is going to need work,but is a very solid van to start with.with rear brakes out it would be best to tow.can deliver for a fee within 150 miles or so from green bay wi.$1000 obo. or might trade for a dune buggy or something old or goofy,but something automotive.thanks can send pics if interested mike

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Green Bay, Wi, U.S.A.
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