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2001 Lotus Elise 190 Sport

Lotus Elise 190 Sport - 2001 - Picture 05G5L511719974A
Lotus Elise 190 Sport - 2001 - Thumbnail Picture 05G5L511719974BLotus Elise 190 Sport - 2001 - Thumbnail Picture 05G5L511719974CLotus Elise 190 Sport - 2001 - Thumbnail Picture 05G5L511719974DLotus Elise 190 Sport - 2001 - Thumbnail Picture 05G5L511719974ELotus Elise 190 Sport - 2001 - Thumbnail Picture 05G5L511719974F

Posted: 06 Jul 2005

Archived Listing

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Specs & Details

Interior: black
Engine: 4
Trans: manual
Miles: 778

You are probably aware that Lotus' second generation Elise has taken the country by storm, but if you want the ultimate Elise for track days and autocross events, then you may want the first generation Sport 190. With a full-on racing suspension, Yokahama track tires, Helon fire extinguishing system, and triangulated roll cage, the 190 is ready for serious track work. Under the rear hatch lies the trusty K-Series Rover 1.8 litre powerplant that pumps out 190hp in a car that weighs in at barely over 1500lbs. 60mph comes in 4.6 seconds. While this car is very quick in a straight line, the bends are where it truly shines. With over 1.0g of lateral grip available on a skid pad, tenacious grip combines with light weight to scoot you past basically any car you can think of in the corners. 911s, Corvettes, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Formula Fords, you get the picture. The example presented here is finished in British Racing Green over black and red race seats with red five-point harnesses. It shows in spectacular condition throughout and only has 778 miles on the odometer. If you are looking for a fast, unique track toy that is easily serviced right here at Lotus of Bellevue, then look no further. Please note: this car is NOT licensable for street use.


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