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1949 Ford F1 Pickup

Ford F1 Pickup - 1949 - Picture 05FEN380925694A
Ford F1 Pickup - 1949 - Thumbnail Picture 05FEN380925694BFord F1 Pickup - 1949 - Thumbnail Picture 05FEN380925694CFord F1 Pickup - 1949 - Thumbnail Picture 05FEN380925694DFord F1 Pickup - 1949 - Thumbnail Picture 05FEN380925694EFord F1 Pickup - 1949 - Thumbnail Picture 05FEN380925694FFord F1 Pickup - 1949 - Thumbnail Picture 05FEN380925694GFord F1 Pickup - 1949 - Thumbnail Picture 05FEN380925694HFord F1 Pickup - 1949 - Thumbnail Picture 05FEN380925694IFord F1 Pickup - 1949 - Thumbnail Picture 05FEN380925694JFord F1 Pickup - 1949 - Thumbnail Picture 05FEN380925694KFord F1 Pickup - 1949 - Thumbnail Picture 05FEN380925694L

Posted: 15 Jun 2005

Archived Listing

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Specs & Details

Interior: grey
Engine: V8
Trans: manual
Miles: 76
Sold For: $20,100

This is a very sharp, restored, original truck. It was partially restored when I purchased it three years ago.The frame appeared to have been either sand or steam cleaned and painted. Rear and front axles and springs and all parts under the frame had been either disassembled or cleaned very well and painted. The engine compartment was extremely clean. The engine was very clean and original. The cab had been painted and new seat covers and headliner had been installed. I have completed the restoration doing the following: New door glass and felt, new oak bed, new bumpers,, new tail gate, new taillights. All other parts are original and have been sand-blasted, rust was cut out, and new metal was welded in. The only fiberglass parts are the front lower fender extensions. All stainless steel trim is original and has a few dings but has polished out nicely. Everything on the truck is pretty solid. It starts and drives well. The brakes are excellent and has new shocks and new brake lines. Clutch and drive train are in very good shape. The truck does not shimmy. I had it aligned and the steering box tightened. The truck does seem to sway a little on curves. Oil pressure guage, amp guage, speedometer all work correctly. Fuel guage and original temperature guage are erratic, therefore, I installed two mechanical heat guages just to be safe. As the picture shows, the carb leaks but I have a rebuilt one on order and will install it before the sale ends. The coolant system works perfectly and the truck does not overheat. The engine, transmission, and rear axle do not leak and are in very good working condition. There is a very small amount of blow-by from the crankcase breather. There is a rattle in the engine but I cannot determine the origin. It is possibly a valve as the truck sat idle for a long time. I drive the truck every weekend and the rattle doesn't get any better or worse. The electrical system is the original 6 Volt with a new battery and voltage regulator. The starter was rebuilt and the generator checked out fine. The wiring seems to be original throughout with the exception of headlight and taillight wiring. Although the truck's restoration is not concourse, it is a very nice looking truck that you would be proud to drive and show at local events.


1949 Ford F1 Pickup

Ford : F-100 Red  1949 ford f 1

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