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1937 Harley-Davidson UL with Sidecar

Harley-Davidson UL with Sidecar - 1937 - Picture 05EN7423104916A
Harley-Davidson UL with Sidecar - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 05EN7423104916AHarley-Davidson UL with Sidecar - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 05EN7423104916BHarley-Davidson UL with Sidecar - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 05EN7423104916CHarley-Davidson UL with Sidecar - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 05EN7423104916DHarley-Davidson UL with Sidecar - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 05EN7423104916EHarley-Davidson UL with Sidecar - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 05EN7423104916FHarley-Davidson UL with Sidecar - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 05EN7423104916GHarley-Davidson UL with Sidecar - 1937 - Thumbnail Picture 05EN7423104916H

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About This 1937 Harley-Davidson UL

Posted: 24 May 2005

I have enjoyed this motorcycle for 25 years. It is a 1937 74 ci. bike with a 1949 sidecar which is the correct body style. Sometime in its life the bike had period updates to it just like is done on todays bikes. The bike wheels and fenders where switched to mid 40's style with 16' wheels to match the sidecar fender and wheel and lower the bike height. The other change is the tank emblems and instrument panel from the 40's which has indicator lights rather than the gages. The sidecar has a spare tire with locking spinner and I have the keys for it and the ignition. The tires are OK for local use but should be replaced if used at speed on the highway. The bike is NOT restored it does have some minor scratches and dings. Everyone that sees the bike prefers the originality of it. I think of it as being a well maintained original bike with period updates. Please contact me with any questions. Picking up the bike is the responsibility of the buyer but I will assist in any way that I can.

In an effort to give you the most accurate information about the bike I want to add that the paint is not original but in good condition. The bike and sidecar are very slightly different hues of red but it takes pointing this out to notice it. The bike and sidecar are very presentable and draw a lot of attention and comments.

Specs & Details

Miles Driven: 35,000

Source: jfb46

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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