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2005 Vanwall Racer - Hand-Built, V12, $150,000

Vanwall  Racer - Hand-Built, V12, $150,000 - 2005 - Picture 05BRE512417412A

About This 2005 Vanwall

Posted: 28 Feb 2005

Coventry Press Release


25 Feb 2005

British racecar enthusiast Arthur Wonstelhome, who offered high-quality replicars under the brand name Ronart from the mid-1980s through 2002, is now back on track.

When Wonstelhome was forced out of Ronart, he started over and secured permission from Glacier Vanderwell Bearings, a subsidiary of Dana, to use the Vanwall name. Vanwall shot to fame when the team won the 1958 Formula One championship. Wonstelhome's new enterprise, Vanwall Cars, introduced its first new model at a British historic sports car exhibition Friday.

Resembling 1950s F1 racers such as the Maserati 250F, Mercedes-Benz W196 and a hint of its namesake Vanwall, the new GPR V12 is a high-performance, aluminium-bodied, single-seat racing car powered by a 6.0-liter V12 engine. This hand-built car is also street legal and carries a price tag of a mere $150,000.

Source: Vanwall


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