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2005 Opel Astra H Caravan - Steinmetz Tuning

Opel Astra H Caravan - Steinmetz Tuning - 2005 - Picture 05B81164723064A
Opel Astra H Caravan - Steinmetz Tuning - 2005 - Thumbnail Picture 05B81164723064AOpel Astra H Caravan - Steinmetz Tuning - 2005 - Thumbnail Picture 05B81164723064BOpel Astra H Caravan - Steinmetz Tuning - 2005 - Thumbnail Picture 05B81164723064COpel Astra H Caravan - Steinmetz Tuning - 2005 - Thumbnail Picture 05B81164723064DOpel Astra H Caravan - Steinmetz Tuning - 2005 - Thumbnail Picture 05B81164723064EOpel Astra H Caravan - Steinmetz Tuning - 2005 - Thumbnail Picture 05B81164723064FOpel Astra H Caravan - Steinmetz Tuning - 2005 - Thumbnail Picture 05B81164723064G

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About This 2005 Opel Astra

Posted: 09 Feb 2005

Steinmetz Press Release

Aachen, Germany

27 Jan 2005

The Astra H Caravan: Opel's new flagship in the Estate class. The elegant, sporting design with the new characteristic Opel centre crease is the ideal platform for a true Steinmetz. The Steinmetz aerodynamic components further emphasise and highlight the aerodynamic styling lines.

The interior aesthetics are enhanced, and forward thrust is provided by a range of performance upgrades. Lowering, twin tailpipe rear silencer and wheel/tyre combinations complete the overall picture of the Steinmetz Astra H Caravan.


Steinmetz already offers more power for the new generation of 1.9 CDTI engines from Opel. For the 120 HP engine, Steinmetz offers a power increase to 144 HP while for the 150 HP power plant, Steinmetz ups the power to 175 HP. Naturally the conversion is available both with and without soot particle filter to comply with Euro 4 standards. A performance upgrade has also been developed for the 1.7 CDTI Common Rail Diesel which pushes the Astra forward with agility thanks to the higher torque. Steinmetz gives the 2.0 Turbo even more drive with 200 HP, raising the standard output by around 30 HP to give more driving pleasure over the entire rev. range, thanks also to the 40 Nm improvement in torque. Safe and sound: Steinmetz gives a 2-year guarantee from first registration.


One of the Steinmetz trademarks is the high gloss polished, trapezoid twin tailpipe silencer. On the left or left/right, the unmistakable appearance and sound leaves nothing to be desired, and the perfect quality of fit is the convincing touch. The twin tailpipe silencers can be fitted with or without rear skirt.

Lowering / Suspension:

The Steinmetz kit giving lowering of around 30 mm was not developed for looks alone, but contributes essentially to increased safety and uncompromising driving pleasure. Both the standard suspension and the sports suspension with sports mode can be used. The Steinmetz springs lower the Astra's centre of gravity, hence reducing its tendency to roll on cornering and allowing faster direction changes. The springs from the Steinmetz lowering kit are fitted, and the specially matched spring struts make all roads into a great driving experience.

Wheel/tyre combination:

A large part of the sporting appearance of the Astra H is due to the Steinmetz alloy wheels available in two different designs. Firstly the Type ST1 with closed spokes, and secondly the Type ST3 also available from next Spring in 19'. Up to 18' and 19'wheel/tyre combinations, no adjustment work is required to the vehicle for the wheelsets listed below. Steinmetz recommends tyres by Michelin or Continental.


The Steinmetz designers have worked on the new Astra with precision and dedication, and incorporated the dynamic centre line in their design. A striking exterior sign of Steinmetz is the honeycomb front grille. For the Astra one front grille has been developed for above the badge and one below. Together they combine to make the front into a powerful trapezoidunit and emphasise the new, unmistakable face of the Opel front. To the left and right of the lower Steinmetz front grille, air inlets have been developed which firstly highlight the front further and secondly provide more cooling air for the brakes. The front is completed by the Steinmetz front spoiler which fits perfectly onto the standard skirt.

Continuing the styling lines to the rear, the side skirts have been designed to give the Astra visually an even lower appearance. Rearward vision is provided by the electrically adjustable, heated Steinmetz sports mirrors which have been adapted to the shape of the Astra.

The solid rear roof spoiler ensures more downforce on the rear axle. Finally, creating a harmonious visual line with the side skirts and the front skirt, the Steinmetz rear skirt has been developed which offers the Astra driver a full choice of rear silencers. Standard, left or left/right - the rear skirt has been designed to leave (almost!) no wish unanswered.

Further bodystyling accessories include designer stripes in silver or anthracite, and the aluminium filler cap trim. Accuracy of fit and smooth transitions make the Steinmetz Astra into a new, individual vehicle.

Interior trim:

Steinmetz Opel-Tuning has adapted the aluminium gear knob with reverse gear release for the Astra H. This sits perfectly in the hand for smooth changes. The interior is complemented by the aluminium handbrake handle, the 3-piece aluminium pedal set and the aluminium foot rest. Finally the Steinmetz interior is completed by the 4-piece foot mats with Steinmetz logo in stainless steel, and sill trim strips.

All Steinmetz components are TÃœV-tested and available from Opel dealers.

Source: Opel

Russelsheim, Germany
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