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1971 Citroen DS 20 Super 5 blue

Citroen DS 20 Super 5 blue - 1971 - Picture 05B2F354710426A
Citroen DS 20 Super 5 blue - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05B2F354710426ACitroen DS 20 Super 5 blue - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05B2F354710426BCitroen DS 20 Super 5 blue - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05B2F354710426CCitroen DS 20 Super 5 blue - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05B2F354710426DCitroen DS 20 Super 5 blue - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05B2F354710426ECitroen DS 20 Super 5 blue - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05B2F354710426FCitroen DS 20 Super 5 blue - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05B2F354710426GCitroen DS 20 Super 5 blue - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05B2F354710426HCitroen DS 20 Super 5 blue - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05B2F354710426ICitroen DS 20 Super 5 blue - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05B2F354710426JCitroen DS 20 Super 5 blue - 1971 - Thumbnail Picture 05B2F354710426K

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About This 1971 Citroen DS

Posted: 03 Feb 2005

I am proud to offer for sale this superb D series Citroen recently imported from France. I was able to trace back its history to its origin. Please read on as it is quite interesting:

This D20 was purchased on March 18th 1971 by a Citroen employee from his own dealership in the city of Epinal on the east side of France. In July of 1975, Fernand bought the car as a family car since he was a sales rep and had a company vehicle. He enjoyed the car for vacations and weekend driving only. During his ownership, he always took great care of his Citroen by maintaining it at the same Citroen dealership he bought it from and always garaged it, thus the extremely nice condition of the car as well as the believed-to-be original mileage.

When he retired in 1998, Fernand finally decided to sell his beloved DS to Eric, a car collector. The car moved to Colmar, a town nearby, to Eric?s garage. Eric had the car repainted to its original color immediately. Being a collector, he rarely used it and changed parts as needed in order to keep the car in top running condition.

Just before I purchased the car from Eric, he had the main muffler changed, brakes, alternator and starter. Furthermore, the whole hydraulic system was flushed and all spheres were changed, including the accumulator. I have a lot of receipts available for various mechanical and cosmetic parts. This car is superb running condition and can be driven anywhere.

Shortly after I imported the car, I decided to change the tired cloth upholstery and had a brand new interior custom made. This was last week! I choose a mix of perforated and plain dark blue high quality vinyl matched with dark gray accents. The door panels were also changed as well as the carpets (front and rear) to match the gray color. The whole interior is brand spanking new and looks superb! Just look at the pictures.

This D20 is a beautiful example of the classic Citroen design. It has 5 new Michelin tires in the proper size (185 / 165), the yellow French headlights (non-swiveling), its original radio (very rare) with the big speaker in the back and the little one in the front, rear seatbelt and is a green liquid (LHM).

Furthermore, I did not notice any leaks with the hydraulic system, nor with the motor. The cycle is a beautiful 50 seconds and the car stays up after shut down for a long while. This D Super is in perfect working order. The clutch is smooth and progressive and engaging any of the manual 5 speeds is a breeze. This sumptuous car drives straight, tight, strong and fast, and the ride is, well, pure Citroen? I just love it!

Considering the condition of the car, I do believe the mileage of 55,449 to be original. I could not find any rust except where one places the jack to lift the car on the right side of the car. The floors are original and not rusted nor perforated. The different layers of sound deadening materials are all there on the floor. The trunk area is also rust-free. There is no rust either under the headlights, which is quite common with those cars.

All glass are in perfect condition, the chromes are very shiny and the stainless steal bumpers are in very nice condition with no dents.

There is a small little dent on the side of the front left fender (can be pulled back by the Dent Wizard easily) and a few tiny scratches on the right rear fender. A really beautiful car.

All gages and electrical parts work perfectly including the heater and blower. The car passed the rigorous French 'contrôle technique' with flying colors which includes a 125 points inspection of all aspects of the car. The entire process takes approximately 1 hour, and is very, very thorough.

Specs & Details

Interior Color: blue vinyl
Engine: 4 cyl
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 55449
Sold For: $11,512

Source: Classic Euro Cars

Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.
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