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1992 Ford Mustang Convertible red with black top

Ford Mustang Convertible red with black top - 1992 - Picture 04L0C433015061A

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About This 1992 Ford Mustang Convertible

Posted: 01 Dec 2004

MUST SACRIFICE FOR $1,300 IMMEDIATELY TO SAVE MY RESIDENCE. 4 cylindar with 8 plugs - provides power and great gas mileage; Clean 2.3 Liter engine Runs Perfect! Drove round trip to Georgia last August burning only 1 quart of oil; automatic transmission with overdrive, 118,000 miles; Replaced the timing belt about 6 months ago for preventive maintenance, as well as a tune up and cleaning of fuel injection system. Interior is fine and has seat covers; manual top with rear window of glass unglued at bottom; new car cover provided.

Asking price is reduced well below the Kelly Blue Book value of $2,250. (value is including the current condition of car), with areas (not shown in picture) of minor damage underneath front but not noticable, small dimple in hood with non-working latch; needs 1 tire soon; one headlamp cover broken but all lights are working; front disc brakes starting to squeek and radio not included. I have listed all items which can use a little TLC. These are not as bad as you may imagine. THIS IS A GREAT DEAL! CASH ONLY!!! Clear title. Call (310)392-0087. Leave message and will call back shortly or send e-mail.

Source: David

Venice, CA, U.S.A.
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Ford Mustang Convertible


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