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1969 Ford Mustang Fastback red

Ford Mustang Fastback red - 1969 - Picture 04HML522220881A
Ford Mustang Fastback red - 1969 - Thumbnail Picture 04HML522220881AFord Mustang Fastback red - 1969 - Thumbnail Picture 04HML522220881BFord Mustang Fastback red - 1969 - Thumbnail Picture 04HML522220881CFord Mustang Fastback red - 1969 - Thumbnail Picture 04HML522220881DFord Mustang Fastback red - 1969 - Thumbnail Picture 04HML522220881EFord Mustang Fastback red - 1969 - Thumbnail Picture 04HML522220881FFord Mustang Fastback red - 1969 - Thumbnail Picture 04HML522220881GFord Mustang Fastback red - 1969 - Thumbnail Picture 04HML522220881HFord Mustang Fastback red - 1969 - Thumbnail Picture 04HML522220881I
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Source: CaliforniaClassix.comLaguna Beach, California, U.S.A.
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Posted: 26 Aug 2004

Specs & DetailsInterior Color: black
Engine: V8
Transmission: auto
Miles Driven: 90,578
Sold For: $13,900

About This 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback

California Black-License-Plate Pony: 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback -

The 1960s brought great changes for American society, not only politically but also from Detroit's Big Three. A previously unknown species swept the highways and drag strips of our great nation: the Muscle Car!

A select group of Muscle Cars is rightfully cherished today as the most outrageous--and fun--means of transportation from this era. Hemi Cuda, Camaro Z-28, and BOSS Mustang will forever be synonymous with unadulterated, power-to-the-pavement prowess.
After Parnelli Jones won the 1970 Trans-Am championship in his Bud Moore-prepped No.15, the BOSS 302 Mustang became an instant legend among enthusiasts.

Thirty-five years and many generations of econo-boxes later, there's a new Millennium and a New World Order, but the Mustang is alive and well. With the strong heart of an athlete, the Fastback for auction here defies its age to the fullest. Propelled by its original 302 V-8, unencumbered by power-robbing emissions equipment, this striped supercar looks ready to show those ubiquitous rice burners a trick or two.

A California resident since new, VIN *9R02F134489* still carries both its original, 1969-vintage California black-and-yellow license plates like the badges of honor they have become. According to the last owner, the number displayed on the odometer--90,578--represents the total, original mileage of the car.

There it is, Ford's famous 302 cubic inch engine, lurking below the bonnet. Engine compartment is not super detailed, but clean enough. Chrome air cleaner and valve covers with "BOSS" decals are a nice touch.

This Fastback is special in more ways than one. Why?

It is virtually rust free.
It has never been involved in an accident.
It is factory equipped with power steering, power brakes, and automatic transmission.
It is smog exempt in the State of California and most other States of the Union.
It qualifies for utmost affordable Classic Car insurance. Expect to pay less than $200.00 annually, for full coverage.
An '80s or '90s Mustang, anybody?
Didn't think so . . .

Recently refinished in Fire Engine Red, color-sanded, and polished to a high luster, this pony's sexy body looks mightily impressive. Certainly not a "Pebble Beach quality" job, there are some minor imperfections, but no chips or scratches deserving that name. The reflective BOSS tape stripes were applied with utmost care.

Part and parcel of any self-respecting period Mustang, the MAGNUM 500 chrome wheels are brand new, dipped knee-deep in BF GOODRICH RADIAL T/A rubber.

Beautiful exterior is perfectly matched by a stock, black cockpit devoid of high tech gimmicks. Dash cap looks nice and is crack free. With the exception of the temp gauge, all the gauges and switches are original and work perfectly.

Nice original touches abound. Period radio plays only one tune, "Silence is Golden" . . .

This certainly is the place to get it goin' on! Aside from two very small tears on the driver's seat, too insignificant to be visible in this photo, the upholstery is in primo condition, and it is hard to believe that these seats should be all original and 35 years old. Who knows for sure? Door and side panels are in excellent condition throughout. A few seams of the original, black headliner are coming apart a little. Black carpeting is new.

Rear Seats are equipped with lap belts, offer sufficient space for two trim adults. Mustang is a family car, after all!

Trunk compartment looks great! There is no rust, and the trunk mat is brand new.

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Here's one view most Mustang sellers would rather not show you: the car's undercarriage. On this California pony, it's perfectly preserved and bone dry!

Ready for a test drive?
So are we!

After a night of rest, you pump the accelerator pedal twice, turn the ignition key, and the 302 comes alive instantly.
With power assisted steering and front disc brakes, the car is easy to drive. It does not smoke, overheat, or leak oil.

Piloting this vintage Fastback definitely has its advantages. All body and mechanical parts are easy to obtain, if needed, even in remote areas of the Country. Prices for Mustang parts are surprisingly reasonable. You won't pay $350.00 for a headlight or $700.00 for a front bumper, like on many current models! Repairs are straightforward; most can even be performed by novice mechanics. Values are steadily climbing, especially for clean '67 to '70 Fastbacks.

Mind you, this is not a show car, although it'll get plenty of attention at your favorite cruising spot and will automatically receive preferential treatment from every parking valet. Thousands of Dollars have been invested recently. As a result, the car is very clean and sports the desirable BOSS look. In short, this Fastback has been loved dearly. It has never been exposed to a harsh climate, features low miles and a very attractive color combo. After 34 years, that should account for something!

If you are like me, you'll appreciate this wonderful Mustang for what it is: a rust and accident free California survivor with killer looks, that's ready to be driven anywhere. I don't hesitate to suggest for you to fly in and drive it home, across the Country, if that's where you live. I'll make sure there's plenty of fresh oil in the sump and the fuel tank is filled with premium.

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