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1975 Maserati Bora red

Maserati Bora red - 1975 - Picture 04BAK074232475A
Maserati Bora red - 1975 - Thumbnail Picture 04BAK074232475AMaserati Bora red - 1975 - Thumbnail Picture 04BAK074232475BMaserati Bora red - 1975 - Thumbnail Picture 04BAK074232475CMaserati Bora red - 1975 - Thumbnail Picture 04BAK074232475DMaserati Bora red - 1975 - Thumbnail Picture 04BAK074232475EMaserati Bora red - 1975 - Thumbnail Picture 04BAK074232475FMaserati Bora red - 1975 - Thumbnail Picture 04BAK074232475GMaserati Bora red - 1975 - Thumbnail Picture 04BAK074232475HMaserati Bora red - 1975 - Thumbnail Picture 04BAK074232475IMaserati Bora red - 1975 - Thumbnail Picture 04BAK074232475J

About This 1975 Maserati Bora

Posted: 15 Feb 2004

This is an absolutely gorgeous one owner Bora. The owner has been told by everyone who sees it, including Maserati factory officials and club members, that this is probably the most perfect, unmolested, unrestored, original, pristine, and perfect Maserati Bora on the planet. It should come as no surprise that it won 'Best of Show' in the January, 2001 le Belle Macchine d'Italia at Pocono Raceway, which is one of the few times it has been seen in public.

This is a one owner, no accident, never smoked in, and fanatically maintained car which has been kept in a heated and humidity controlled garage since new. The car has been maintained by professional mechanics who work at the owner's high line service facility. The car is perfectly drivable and is driven very occasionally and recently to local shows without incident. Everything on the car is in perfect working order. The tires were recently replaced with the closest possible duplicates of the discontinued original tires and are in excellent condition like the entire car. There are no immediate repairs needed to the car.

Paint: Excellent. The paint is the original paint and shows very few flaws. There are one or two paint cracks and flakes from aging, but nearly all of the paint is perfect. There is slight orange peel in the paint on the right side cowl near the passenger's windshield wiper. As the original owner has never repainted the vehicle, the conclusion is it came from the factory that way.

Chrome: Excellent original condition.

Glass: Excellent condition, clear, no cracks, pits, or chips.

Interior: Clean and in excellent condition, showing only minor wear, and never smoked in.

Mechanical Condition: Everything works on the car. The underside has its original heavy black paint and is very solid with only slight surface rust on some of the exposed suspension parts.

The technically advanced features and styling assure this car's classic status and desirability for years to come. To restore another car to this level would be outrageously expensive. This one has been kept pristine and is ready to show or drive just the way it is.

If you are looking for an Ferrari, Lamborghini, NSX, Porsche, or Corvette, you owe it to yourself to check out this car. Truly a one of a kind automobile.

Specs & Details

Interior Color: white
Engine: V8
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 1,000 original

Source: First Trade Registry

Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

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