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1989 Cadillac Allante red

Cadillac Allante red - 1989 - Picture 03LTN025248235A
Cadillac Allante red - 1989 - Thumbnail Picture 03LTN025248235BCadillac Allante red - 1989 - Thumbnail Picture 03LTN025248235CCadillac Allante red - 1989 - Thumbnail Picture 03LTN025248235DCadillac Allante red - 1989 - Thumbnail Picture 03LTN025248235E

Posted: 30 Dec 2003

Specs & Details

Interior: tan leather
Engine: V8
Trans: automatic
Miles: 41

Finished in classic and desired all red with beautifully kept light tan leather interior. This incredible motorcar comes well equipped with hardtop and soft-top, as well as all other options. This collector quality Allante comes in the best color one could desire! For you that are not familiar, the Allante is the only car in the world that was built in this fashion. The body was built in Torino, Italy, and then flown to Detroit on a 757 for final assembly. Cadillac claimed to have had spent more building the Allante than they could sell for retail. For this reason, they ceased production on this car.


Cadillac : Allante ALLANTE FULL TRIM Cadillac AllanteCadillac : Allante Pininfarina 1989 cadillac allante pininfarina hard top and soft top 4.5 l v 8 a c automatic

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