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1982 Porsche 911 SC Targa minerva blue

Porsche 911 SC Targa minerva blue - 1982 - Picture 03L0E450264832A
Porsche 911 SC Targa minerva blue - 1982 - Thumbnail Picture 03L0E450264832APorsche 911 SC Targa minerva blue - 1982 - Thumbnail Picture 03L0E450264832BPorsche 911 SC Targa minerva blue - 1982 - Thumbnail Picture 03L0E450264832CPorsche 911 SC Targa minerva blue - 1982 - Thumbnail Picture 03L0E450264832DPorsche 911 SC Targa minerva blue - 1982 - Thumbnail Picture 03L0E450264832EPorsche 911 SC Targa minerva blue - 1982 - Thumbnail Picture 03L0E450264832FPorsche 911 SC Targa minerva blue - 1982 - Thumbnail Picture 03L0E450264832GPorsche 911 SC Targa minerva blue - 1982 - Thumbnail Picture 03L0E450264832H

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About This 1982 Porsche 911 SC

Posted: 01 Dec 2003

Rare and Beautiful Minerva Blue 911SC!

Most Porsche enthusiasts agree that the overall best balanced and best built 911 is the 911 Super Carrera, built between 1978 and 1983. Why?

The early 1964-1973½ 911s are pure and exciting, but also demanding excercise machines, quite a handful to drive.

1974-77 models suffered from the trouble-prone 2.7-liter engine, emission equipment experiments, such as thermal reactors, and generally lower performance.

The '84-and-newer Carrera models are very sophisticated cars, but they got heavier, more complex, and more expensive to buy and to maintain throughout the years.

In contrast, the 911 Super Carreras are great, precision-built driving machines, still pure and exciting and without electronics overload, while already featuring all the luxury amenities we desire. Their zinc-coated bodies are corrosion resistant, and the 3.0-liter engines are known to run for over 250k miles without even a breaking a sweat. Not surprisingly, clean, unmodified examples of the 911SC are very sought after by smart Porsche buyers.

The 1982 Porsche 911SC presented for auction here, a SoCal resident all of its life, must be one of the finest remaining original examples of the marque. Twenty-one years old and already elegible for Classic Car Insurance, it still looks almost factory fresh in its original Minerva Blue (code #304) exterior finish. One of only 2,426 Porsche Targas earmarked for the U.S. in '82, the car was sold new on June 30, 1982 at Porsche/Audi of Downtown Los Angeles.

Odometer shows 106,931 miles, which the previous owner claims to be the original mileage of the car. However, due to its age, the vehicle is exempt from federal odometer statements and although it certainly appears to be a low mileage vehicle, it is being sold exempt/TMU.

Inspecting an SC is a straightforward affair, if you know what to look for, that is. Allow me to guide you through the process, step by step.

First of all, inspect the books and records. A well-maintained Porsche should come with factory tools, manuals, and--ideally--invoices documenting its service history. Next, remove the spare and inspect the vulnerable nose area inside the front trunk. There should be no indication of accident damage nor rust, induced by acid spillage from the battery. Everything should be nice and clean, the factory finish beautifully preserved.

Next, get down on your knees to inspect the undercarriage. Not everybody's cup of tea, granted, but you don't want to buy a Porsche without checking its underbelly, trust me.

SCs come with zinc-coated unibodies and excellent, rubberized factory rust protection; freshly sprayed non-factory undercoating would always be a red flag. After two decades, it should look like this: an undisturbed, gracefully aged, perhaps slighly dusty, perfectly rust free chassis!

If trunk and undercarriage pass muster, check out the exterior. Walk around the car and inspect the paint. A well-taken-care-of car should still wear all or at least most of its factory paint, as it is the case here. Over two decades, this fine example's exterior has acquired a few small scratches and shallow dings, naturally. Make sure the car has not been in any major accident, and any paint work was done to a high professional standard, with absolutely no overspray showing, anywhere!

Next, check out the car's wide shoes. Ideally, you'd want to see factory FUCHS alloy wheels shod with correctly-sized PIRELLI tires all around. The 225-50/16 ultra high speed P7s gracing the rear wheels have about 80% tread left, the 205-55/16 front tires are brand new!

The interior should be clean, and the wear patterns be commensurate with the car's indicated mileage. Cracks on the dash are a no-no, and the perforated leather seats better be intact and supple.

Porsche SC seats are very comfortable. Beige leather looks and feels amazingly good. German Velour carpeting is clean; also included is a very nice set of custom embroidered, tan '911SC' floor mats.

Perfectly preserved occasional rear seats fold individually forward, serve either as additional luggage space or provide comfy seating arrangements for the little ones or your favorite pet. Versatility is the keyword here.

Finally, we'd examine the car's mechanical prowess. Let's stroll aound to its rear end . . .

. . . where, under an aluminum bonnet, rests Porsche's potent and bullet-proof 3-liter power plant. No surprises here, the K-Jetronic equipped flat six sounds strong and healthy as an ox. Engine compartment is surgically clean.

Splitting the case to fix an oil leak or two is no fun. Luckily, this SC is BONE DRY. Not a drop of oil escapes anywhere, and that's guaranteed.

So what's it like to drive this fine SC, you might want to know. Alrighty, then.

Turn the ignition key--located on the dash, to your left--and the mighty Boxer instantly comes to life. Thanks to the state-of-the-art C.I.S. fuel injection, this happens in a rather unspectacular way. The motor just idles with the precise ticking of a mechanical Rolex watch, independent of temperature and humidity, and reacts to your right foot's most subtle commands without hesitation. Ready to go?

It feels great to be behind the wheel of a 911SC Targa. The car is nimble, powerful, and sounds ferocious. Handling and braking capabilities are impeccable, to be sure, and the car feels utterly safe at all legal--and most illegal--highway speeds.

All lights and gauges work, and if you need to cool down a bit from all the excitement, the factory A/C blows ice cold, too. Amenities include power windows, power brakes, and a nice KENWOOD stereo cassette unit.

Unadulterated open air fun is always available: the perfectly preserved Targa top folds within seconds and fits easily in the trunk. SC Targas have been riding a renewed wave of popularity as of late, and rightfully so. You simply can't have more fun with a Porsche, for the money. Treated right, the annual upkeep will be minimal, mainly consisting of regular oil changes.

Bound to steadily appreciate in value, the revered 911SC occupies a unique place in the Porsche pantheon. Built when the factory cared more about build quality than ever before or after, it is a lasting testament to German precision sports car engineering.

This Minerva Blue gem is impeccably preserved and can be driven cross country, if if that's where you live. All it needs is a new owner. Will that be you?

Specs & Details

Interior Color: tan leather
Engine: air-cooled 6 cyl boxer
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 106,000
Sold For: $13,302


Laguna Beach, California, U.S.A.
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